Mpls. may force commercial buildings to report energy use

  • Article by: ERIC ROPER , Star Tribune
  • Updated: November 25, 2012 - 10:46 PM

Owners says it would not be fair to penalize them when it's their tenants whose energy use is high.

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mhrichardson99Nov. 25, 12 9:04 PM

Drive by the Wells Fargo Mortgage building off of 35W. The light are on in some form or another 24/7. Maybe they do run a 24/7 operation, but I think it's unlikely. Last year, I was dismayed when I drove by at 2am and lights were still on. I tried to call the property manager, tried the switch board, tried to call Wells Fargo CEO office, but no luck getting an explanation. This building would be the prime example of energy waste and why this policy could be good. BTW, I drove by today at 1:30 pm on a Sunday and on each floor the center panels of the overhead lights were illuminated.

workforit1Nov. 25, 12 9:10 PM

It is just amazing to me that in the middle of an economic slowdown, we want to put unneeded costs on those who create jobs. I love how she called these "green jobs" forcing building owners to comply with your rules and regulations makes them green jobs. Only in Minneapolis, and the crazy people on the CC would these quailify as green jobs. I went on her website for the 8th ward and looked at her background, I knew this was someone who never held a job before, unless you call going to law school and being a activist a job. She is perfect for Minneapolis city government. It is only a matter of time before MPLS loses its tax base and the city is more bankrupt that it already is.

workforit1Nov. 25, 12 9:24 PM

mhrichardson99... you really dont have enough going on. Is it really your job to call buidling mgt about a light being on? If they are paying the bill, and they are using the energy, who are you to determine what is the right amout of usage? It is amazing to me the number of people in the state that think they know what is best for everyone else. God help us if any of these people are put in a position of authority during a war or conflict. Although, I doubt we will ever have to worry about that, they are too busy tearing down this country from the inside.

boris123Nov. 25, 12 9:37 PM

Do people in government really think managers and business owners in the private sector squander money leaving lights on and antiquated HVAC systems? In today's environment, there is no way companies can afford to waste resources and remain competitive. Govt needs to look in the mirror for wasting resources before it starts pointing fingers and increasing regulations. This is classic govt run amok!

workforit1Nov. 25, 12 9:40 PM

boris123... I could not have said it better myself. Thank you!

jude0007Nov. 25, 1210:44 PM

It's nice to finally see some decent, educated people comment on stories like this by workforit1 and boris123. Couldn't have said it better myself. As for mhrichardson99, really? Do you call your neighbors when you see they've left a light on or suspect they left the fridge open.

MellersNov. 25, 1210:55 PM

I see a number of corporate businesses with lights on, irrigation systems running in the rain, etc. Sometimes it takes local neighbors to spot these issues when those who work there don't notice. Ususally these companies are appreciative. It's not an "us versus them" mentality, but a "thanks for helping us on a shared issue" perspective.

minn12Nov. 25, 1211:11 PM

This is what you get when you keep electing these radical liberals into office. Maybe they missed the fact that the so-called 'global warming' ended 16 years ago. The whole 'green' thing is a giant scam, along with 'climate change'. The earth warms, and the earth cools. Been going on for eons. Building owners have nothing to do with it.

mdachsNov. 25, 1211:19 PM

Another great example of "Big Brother" regulations! Let's get real. No company now wants to spend one unnecessary dollar on energy that will cut into its profits. How many of you homeowners will want to have your energy use publicized? Because that's the next step. This is a very slippery slope towards invasion of privacy. Maybe, guess what? You will need to publicize the calorie counts of the food you eat. The amount of garbage you throw away. Just where does it stop?

roymercerNov. 25, 1211:33 PM

This is all part of Minneapolis' master plan to drive all business to Bloomington and Austin, TX.


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