Finding the American Dream overseas

  • Article by: Emily Matchar , Special to the Washington Post
  • Updated: November 25, 2012 - 3:31 PM

We didn't know we would be part of a wave of educated young Americans heading overseas in search of better employment opportunities.

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knowneck00Nov. 25, 12 4:20 PM

Since the current administration already has us on the communist track. And with them wanting to OVER tax the rich, there's less and less incentive to make it big here. It now needs to be considered.

greg62Nov. 25, 12 4:33 PM

So our educated our leaving this awful economy while we're importing poverty from the third world at record levels. Not a good thing.

webfootNov. 25, 12 4:43 PM

@knowneck00: Turn off Fox News, and find the FACTS. Overtax the rich? Where ya been? They aren't anywhere near paying their fair share and haven't for years. The reason there are no jobs, no benefits, high healthcare premiums, etc., is because of GREED. You know...that 1% that earn 400 times more than the average middle class worker? Again....where have you been the last 30 years???? Trickle DOWN economics does not work and we've been experiencing that for many, many years.

WalleyeMasterNov. 25, 12 4:49 PM

USA will have a talent drain if this continues.

janderson2Nov. 25, 12 5:04 PM

Given the current, and trending, state of affairs in the US who can blame them? Heading toward socialism, less freedoms, more government control, the minority controlling the majority etc....Gee sounds like a great place to start your life doesn't it?

pumiceNov. 25, 12 5:30 PM

From the article: "We need to invest in talent, in education. We need to offer benefits similar to those in other developed nations. We need to recognize that working longer hours and 'doing more with less' doesn't create better workers, only more burnt-out ones." There'd be no low-skill job shortage if workers got paid a living wage so they didn't have to work two or even three jobs. As for skilled labor and professional jobs, the author's first choice was to stay here. Then she and her husband and her friends and their spouses discovered that other developed nations pay better, offer terrific incentives (e.g., housing subsidy) and provide excellent benefits (wellness care, 44 days of paid vacation annually, ...).

knowneck00Nov. 25, 12 5:34 PM

@webfoot. The difference is I used IRS tax data for my claim. You used msnbc or similar.

comment229Nov. 25, 12 5:46 PM

Ironic because a friend of mine and I sat and talked about looking for teaching jobs in a program where you teach abroad. She asked me for my opinion of countries where there were teaching opportunities. She has had it with the NCLB bureaucracy and the attitude of some American families which seems to be a growing problem year after year. We laughed at two countries on the list though: Israel and Egypt and agreed that Switzerland and England would be the best bets. The country we were both interested in seeing on the list was Finland, but it was not there. Why leave the USA? The better question is "why would teachers want to stay?"

pitythefoolsNov. 25, 12 5:48 PM

The kids already have their contingency plans in place. We've just escaped it for another four years, but should the Republicans take power and turn the Country into the Fascist, Plutocratic Theocracy they desire, once the kids are out of college, they're out of the US. My grandparents moved from Germany just as it turned to Fascism and came to the US. The kids won't hesitate a second if it happens here.

hobie2Nov. 25, 12 5:50 PM

"We didn't know we would be part of a wave of educated young Americans heading overseas in search of better employment"... actually, this was noted maybe 6-7 years ago and was worrisome because it was our brightest and most creative young adults leaving -- and while many young Americans took jobs there, it wasn't because of the pay - it was because of the quality of life that made them better jobs... I first looked at this when a number of the top graduates in my kid's college classes looked for overseas jobs, and young adults in their mid-late 20s working for clients saying it was because of the attitude overseas - the countries took care of their people, businesses focused on personal development and family of their employees, and the work was creative and fulfilling... Our young Americans grew up in the free market, and thus grew up believing that they are equal to their employer in right to choice, and they owe the employer nothing - their take is that if the employer or the city does not provide a quality of life, then they will make their choice and go where the market provides it... And believe me, the European companies provide it. The right wing raised a generation of free marketers, thinking they would be dumb and be trapped workers, and those free-market owners will now either compete with the European and Asians for talent, or hire the drones and without that top talent, slowly lose...


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