White House could get its chance to close books on Benghazi PR disaster, push Rice nomination

  • Article by: ANNE FLAHERTY , Associated Press
  • Updated: November 26, 2012 - 2:27 AM
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markeyboyNov. 25, 1210:37 AM

McCain has previously shot first and apologized later. In this case it is not only McCain that is stepping back. McCain knows the security risks of diplomats and security talking points and knows he was wrong here. He also knows that Rhodes Scholar Rice one on one with him would lead to a lot of conciliatory head bobbing on his part.

martin64Nov. 25, 1210:58 AM

McCain should be censured for his scurrilous attack on this woman. Maybe he's like to recommend Palin for the job.

crystalbayNov. 25, 1212:42 PM

The GOP, lead by McCain and Fox not-news, are following an age-old GOP tradition: witch-hunting the Dems. They have little to nothing if they can't be obsessively pursuing some kind of scandal or another. This party no longer has any credibility its become so "Gate-preoccupied". Bachmann's made it her full-time job to incite fear and hatred - rather than govern or work for her constituents. McCain is doing everything he can to not become irrelevant and, in doing so, is making a sad joke out of himself.

gimbelNov. 25, 12 1:01 PM

God help us all, if this is not McCains' last term in the Senate. He's up in 2014 for re-election. He needs to retire. He's becoming more and more of an angry old man, an embarrasment to AZ and the nation. He used to have a reputation for working across the aisle in a reasonable fashion but since the advent of the TPers he's turned into a real jerk.

tooty123Nov. 25, 12 1:41 PM

McCain is all obsessed with the Benghazi attack. Blaming a woman wrote reported what she was told by the CIA. The CIA operatives in Libya are still working on who the terrorist were and this does nothing for their mission. McCain should know this. Not sure what is problem is this fall.

wardnjuneNov. 25, 12 2:44 PM

In January, McCain will lose his top-ranking Senate Armed Services committee seat due to term limits. The only ranking Republican spot available to him next session will be on the Indian Affairs Committee. Unless, that is, the Senate creates a brand-new select committee to investigate Benghazi. The Republican most likely to hold the ranking spot on such a panel would be, of course, John McCain, giving the Arizona senator a new burst of relevance. That's all this is about: John McCain keeping John McCain relevant.

sek2undrstndNov. 25, 12 3:03 PM

The question which needs to be asked is: "Why was Ambassador Stevens, a long-time scholar of the Middle East and Libya, traveling to Benghazi, a place he knew was very dangerous, with a very light security force?

blatherskiteNov. 25, 12 3:13 PM

And Graham like McCain's demented idiot little brother just won't back off the political conspiracy of it all. He seams hell bent to blow this out of proportion. After Hearing this guy on TV this morning it left me wondering how anyone could elect this bonehead to any office.

brainerdguyNov. 25, 12 3:36 PM


greg62Nov. 25, 12 4:16 PM

Rice skipped out on too many important votes including one on defending Israel from terrorists.


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