American Crystal union reconsiders and plans fourth vote

  • Article by: CHAO XIONG , Star Tribune
  • Updated: November 22, 2012 - 10:20 PM

Little has changed in American Crystal Sugar contract rejected by workers three times previously.

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falcon1681Nov. 22, 12 9:43 PM

Seems to me that the drug testing portion is a lawsuit in the making. Forcing only union members to undergo random testing is discrimination.

nordeastguyNov. 22, 12 9:52 PM

Why is this still a story? They have rejected a very similar offer three times and the company has hired replacement workers. Time for find something else to do.

cavellNov. 22, 1210:05 PM

hmm, maybe all the hostess workers getting fired is making the crystal workers rethink their plan? but than crystal has hired replacement workers and seems to be functioning fairly well. would be nice to get paid for work with christmas coming up. its getting cold too.

economics4uNov. 22, 1210:06 PM

Shoot, I was hoping Crystal would close this facility.

chlyn001Nov. 22, 1210:32 PM

I hate what management is doing to its own workers. Managements profits were up but they figured they deserved more for themselves. They deserve a grinch award or something, maybe a lump of coal. Heartless.

JRBNov. 22, 1210:41 PM

When you go on strike and then repeatedly vote to stay on strike, you need to carefully consider the consequences. It appears that too many of the union workers did not think this through, and are now paying the price. And it's not like other employers in the area are offering better pay and more generous benefits; if they were, many of these workers would have moved on by now. In this instance, it's fairly obvious that the company has the upper hand.

neptune1Nov. 22, 1211:19 PM

I think I'll double my order of crystal sugar when I go to the store tomorrow - these workers voted their own hardship and want us to feel sorry for them...not!

ruphinaNov. 23, 1212:22 AM

falcon1681- at first glance, it seems just oh so touchy feely fair that the other workers should be drug tested also. But let's think a little deeper. The non-union workers are at-will hires- they can be fired for no reason. More than likely, the individual agreements they had to sign included following all company rules, probably including a drug test. There is absolutely no reason for including any rules for NON-UNION personnel in a union contract. The drug test rule is so a union slacker can be fired more easily. When you form a union and enter negotiations with your employer as your enemy, you should expect to be treated LIKE an enemy. Bill G.

mblaineNov. 23, 1212:58 AM

Why are Americans so sadistic when it comes to Labor?

buskahNov. 23, 12 2:57 AM

"The contract calls for random drug testing of all union workers, she said. Management refused the union's push to include supervisors and contract employees, she said, and the union eventually conceded on the matter." Elitist management to say the least. Even if this lockout ends I will probably never buy another bag of sugar from Crystal. Does anyone know if ANY sugar that is sold in the USA doesn't get price supports from the government? I would rather not buy welfare sugar.


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