Phil Miller's Big Ten Insider: League rests in hands of TV exec Silverman

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  • Updated: November 23, 2012 - 6:19 AM

Jim Delany and the Big Ten are after a piece of the East Coast cable market, and it might have the resources to pull it off.

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eyeintheskyNov. 23, 1212:31 AM

It takes a LOT of money to pay for Title IX and Non-Revenue sports. The rush to a college football play-off has some financial promise, however, such a play-off system is limited by the fact that there will never be a "BIG DANCE" type of play-off system for football that will include so many teams and so many games. Yes, the play-off, itself, will generate lots of gambling interest and will be highly watched. HOWEVER, the way to parley the football season into the kind of money making entrprise that will keep athletic departments running 10...15...25 years from now will be the broadcasting of NAME BRAND Football Conferences. A MONTHLY stream of income generated by having an almost year-round stream of programming coming from the Big Ten Network will be sold because of the Football...BUT...will lead to the monitization of such sports as's and women' softball. Of course BASKETBALL during the regular season can provide a real draw...both men's AND women's. People may scoff at the idea of Women's Hockey and Women's Hoops...however, on the cable sports networks: CONTENT is king. Since the Big Ten runs a FULL SLATE of men's and women's sports and since the Big Ten Programs tend to have pretty fair facilities for men's and women's sports, the Big Ten Network can provide ENDLESS HOURS of sports competitions and events. Maryland has great men's and women's basketball programs. There is a core group of some of the traditional Big Ten Programs that are forming the Big Ten Hockey Conference. The B1G can offere YES Network all kinds of sports programming and on-air content to fill the void when the Yankees aren't playing. So, don't think JUST Football when thinking about the Big Ten's Expansion. Think BIG TEN PROGRAMMING. The Big Ten can flat-out kick out the content that Cable Packages LOVE to offer for filler along-side of their MAJOR DRAWING CARDS. Yankee Baseball and Rutgers football, men's and women's basketball, baseball and softball... The economy may be in for tough sledding as the country sits perched on the edge of the cliff. Watching the Yankees taking on their major rivals...AND...Rutgers taking on PSU, Maryland, Michigan, THE Ohio State, Nebraska and all the other B1G members just might be a nice way to help pass the time in an otherwise uncertain brave new world... EXPAND and SIGN CONTRACTS with the Cable Giants...halp keep college sports alive and paying their own way... ; 0 )

DJay94583Nov. 23, 12 2:38 AM

(quote from the article) The Big Ten owns only 49 percent of BTN -- the other 51 percent is owned by Fox Sports...(end quote). I believe you have this exactly backwards. It is the Big Ten Conference that holds the controlling interest (51%) in the Big Ten Network). Also, In addition to the Rutgers & Maryland fans, there will be increased interest among the many hundreds of thousands of Big Ten alumni living in the MY,NJ,NY areas due to Big Ten games being played locally. It should be safe to say these fans will be a desirable demographic for cable advertisers.

alexjackNov. 23, 12 5:03 AM

Somehow it seems things motivated only by money and greed never work out that well.

eyeintheskyNov. 23, 12 9:43 AM

alexjack says: "...Somehow it seems things motivated only by money and greed never work out that well..." WHAT on earth are you talking about alexjack? you are describing the "free-market-system..." You are describing the nfl...the nba...major league baseball...the nhl. You are describing the New York Stock Exchange. You are describing every private and publically held corprate entity. You are describing every military contractor. You are describing the Republican and Democratic National Parties who solicit contributions for influence. You are describing every cable news outlet. You, sir, are describing EVERYTHING that has made America the world power that it is. It is pretty obvious to me that since EVERY major conference is engaged in expansion and the creation of networks. EVEN the most successful football programs can NOT survive on ticket sales to their stadiums. They NEED to expand their stadiums into your tv room. They need to offer any and every product that pays them money to bring their adds to the tv rooms of America. Michigan, THE Ohio State, Penn State, Nebraska...NONE of these B1G programs can pay for all the Title IX and Non-Revenue sports based upon the tickets they can sell and the little signage, naming rights, parking and concessions they can SELL... You are questioning the very ESSENCE of what makes America's economy work, alexjack. ANY conference that ignores or attempts to stand in the way of the natural evolution of the American Economy in the year 2012 will be marginalized, if not trivialized by the year 2025. Things change. Things always WILL change. The drivers of the economy are agnostic to the whims and nostolgic prostations of "purists" who would love for things to always be the way things always used to be. It is either stay ahead of the curve OR go belly-up and become obsolete and non-existent. America's economy is based on the "NEXT GREAT THING..." principle... BEAT MSU, Gophers: The BOWL is ON... and the hawgseyzwill stay home. The vikqueen never did really arrive in 2012. It appears that the vikqueen will not arrive any time soon... ; 0 ) ; 0 )

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