Anoka County Judge John Dehen wants to carry gun at work

  • Article by: DAVID CHANEN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: November 22, 2012 - 7:06 PM

County Judge John Dehen seeks permission to carry a handgun in the courthouse.

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thunderNov. 22, 12 8:18 PM

Police officers have guns, prosecutors can carry guns and now a Judge. Funny how those people who supervise all of the offenders in the community are banned from using firearms. All those probation and parole officers conducting home visits at all hours on the State's most violent offenders often have nothing more than pepper spray. What about safety for the forgotten PO? Where does Cornish stand on this issue or do we have to wait until one is killed?

perronjpNov. 22, 12 8:28 PM

Re: "Earlier this year, Gov. Mark Dayton signed a bill allowing prosecutors to carry a concealed weapon" - Let's bear in mind that the violent people these prosecutors and judges are afraid of are in court because they were violent to us ordinary shmucks on the streets. If it was up to Dayton and all the other democrats, we would not have permit to carry pistol laws on our books. Watch the Repeal Conceal groups make another run at the law now that the election is over. Unless the average law abiding person that legally can carry a pistol is allowed in the courtroom and the MOA and a School while exercising their 2nd amendment rights, we should not cherry pick a few that can. Now I am guessing that some other posters will exercise their 1st amendment rights to attack my 2nd amendment rights...

raygunrevoltNov. 22, 12 8:44 PM

@ Thunder: I would imagine that Cornish would support PO's carrying firearms. What is your point?

thecynic5712Nov. 22, 12 8:52 PM

If this gentleman doesn't feel safe doing his job without a weapon, perhaps he needs to resign and find another line of work more suited to his personality. I really don't think we want to be faced with the situation of a judge brandishing a weapon in "his" courtroom. If he should wound or kill an innocent bystander, what charges would be filed against him? Murder, manslaughter, or oops, it was an accident, sorry. Scarey thought indeed.

thunderNov. 22, 12 9:20 PM

@Ray - We are a very reactive State and most often never proactive. Corrections professionals and non- licensed court bailiffs have made runs at the Legislature in the past. There has been little concern for Agent safety from the Capitol and from many corrections administrators. The legislators see Agents trying to muscle their way into the police and fire pension and administrators refuse to accept the fact that these Agents deal daily with dangerous people, sometime under the influence of drugs, involved with other criminal organizations and in rough areas whose behavior will never be changed. It is very likely that a probation officer was in court when the prosecutor was shot. My point is.....based on past behavior, a good predictor of future behavior, the legislature is not likely to act until they are in a situation where one is seriously injured or killed.

martiankingNov. 22, 1210:19 PM

Welcome to Tombstone 2012.

goferfanzNov. 22, 1210:24 PM

The most vulnerable place in many of these shootings is the parking lot. Is that guarded? What if a gunman kills innocents in addition to attacking a judge? Even worse, the innocents wouldn't have anything to do with the case causing the acrimony. What will thecynic say then? Oops? Oh well? Accident? Can there be a worse precedent than having judges resign due to the threat of violence? This seems like the biggest no-brainer in our violent society.

minn12Nov. 23, 12 2:21 AM

This story does not mention that activist judges ordered that guns can not be carried in 'courthouse complexes', in direct violation of the law that was passed. (609.66 Minnesota statutes). Anyone with a valid permit by law is allowed to carry in courthouse and state buildings if they notify the Sheriff or commissioner of public safety. Yet these arrogant judges banned guns anyway, with no legal authority to do so. This unlawful judicial fiat needs to be overturned.

jim4848Nov. 23, 12 6:20 AM

A quick Google search shows John Dehen has had 2 protection orders filed against him from family members. Is this really the guy that the gun lobby wants to use as a poster child.

jackpinesavNov. 23, 12 7:27 AM

This is nuts. Worked in corrections for 35 years, including family court. Security can be imposed without additional weapons in the courtroom. Question the temperment of this judicial official to do his job.


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