Shoppers add some getting to this year's Thanksgiving

  • Article by: MARIA ELENA BACA , Star Tribune
  • Updated: November 23, 2012 - 9:03 AM

Some in the Twin Cities skipped out early on food and family and went hunting for Black Friday deals instead.

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devonmacNov. 22, 12 8:50 PM

How sad for people to bypass food, family or friends in the name of material consumption. Not to be spiteful, but I sincerely hope the bitter windchill blows some common sense into these people's heads (along with the CEO's of Wal-Mart & Target). It's time to end this retail madness!

erikj3Nov. 22, 12 9:13 PM

What a sad and depressing story.

martiankingNov. 22, 1210:10 PM

Looking at the photos and reading about the insanity of waiting makes me happy that I shop online for my gifts. I'll pay a couple bucks more for less hassle. My time is worth more than a new big screen TV.

MellersNov. 22, 1210:13 PM

Too bad the Star Tribune didn't feature a story of the people who donated blood across the state on Thanksgiving, giving of their time and life-saving blood products to help those in times of absolute need across this nation. I volunteered for the Red Cross today and met a bunch of heroes today (I choose to use the term "hero" as a blood product recipient during Leukemia treatment).

deadrevNov. 22, 1211:00 PM

This is pathetic.

dtmonkeyboyNov. 22, 1211:16 PM

Perhaps Republicans should sponsor an amendment that Thanksgiving is defined as a family holiday only. And while they are at it, require an ID to participate and then ban anything protein other than Turkey, since that is the traditional food.

jimmyjames76Nov. 23, 1212:25 AM

Seems like Black Friday would be better if it was still on Friday.

marcymmbNov. 23, 12 4:39 AM

What's the big deal most people I know are already done with their Thanksgiving dinners way before the stores even open. Oh and of course someone would have to mention Republicans now that is pathetic.

MorgNov. 23, 12 8:25 AM

I guess I don't understand the need to have this event when they do. It is an arbitrary day that for some reason was deemed to coincide with this Holiday. The retailers would do better to back it off a day. For one, they would be back in the good graces of those who now choose to boycott these events. Two, they would also keep their employees who must now work on the Holiday happy giving them their day off with the family. Three, they could capture another whole segment of shoppers: those who are forced to work today. I'm sure there are other benefits as well, and all they would have to do it start Black Friday on, well, Friday, and carry it over into Saturday and it would solve so many problems.

MorgNov. 23, 12 8:31 AM

NO MORE CHRISTMAS CREEP. Boycott stores that have Christmas displays out before Halloween, or Thanksgiving for that matter! And tell them why. Not showing up, affecting their bottom line is the only way this will ever stop. I'm not sure, other than the almighty dollar, why of all Holidays we feel the need to stretch Christmas out for a month and a half. It's out of control. ENOUGH!!!!!


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