Vikings stadium: Good neighbor or not?

  • Article by: STEVE BERG , Special to the Star Tribune
  • Updated: November 24, 2012 - 8:25 PM

How the new Vikings stadium can avoid the Metrodome's mistakes.

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erikj3Nov. 24, 12 7:50 PM

Living by Wilf's new playground would be AWESOME, if you like obnoxious drunken tailgaiters leaving trash all over the place right outside your window. Yep sounds like good fun.

RossbergNov. 24, 12 9:55 PM

Upon reading this article you get the impression that the only conceivable location for the stadium was in downtown Minneapolis. Further, because of this the burden is now on the city and state to make the surrounding area a haven for development although the historical odds are heavily against that being successful. There were at least a half dozen credible sites available, this one being perhaps one of the poorest choices. Why not just let downtown develop naturally as a business district rather than try to shoehorn a stadium into an area where it will likely have a sterilizing effect on any plans for the adjacent land? Why take valuable land permanently off the tax rolls? In ten years you may see a few new bars and strip joints nearby but this will never be a core facility from which major development will sprout. All this was ever about was a Mayor and a few city council members being unable to bear the thought of "losing the dome" on their watch.

dtmonkeyboyNov. 24, 1210:26 PM

Even the other suburban stadium locations were banking on development...this is not just an urban issue. What we don't want is an island, like suburban malls became. With the right planning and zoning, this should be doable.

guth54Nov. 24, 1210:47 PM

It is not too late to de-rail this Vikings stadium fiasco. Call your elected officials.

PhilCrossNov. 24, 1211:17 PM

"By 2020 the Vikings expect 35 percent of fans to arrive by transit." I don't think so. Think about how people are steering away from movie theaters now with their high priced concessions and the sometimes rude crowds. The recent backlash against the drunken fans at football games indicates that people are fed up with what goes on at the Metrodome now. And with everyone getting HD in their living rooms, they are finding it easier to watch a game and not have to worry about paying $8 for a warm beer, not to mention the ticket prices and parking. Handheld devices are common now and with technology advancing, you will be able to watch anything on your smartphone soon. Take a look at Target Field - how many new businesses and development projects have sprouted up around that stadium? So far, nothing. What we are really building with the new Vikings stadium is wealth. But it's not wealth for us. It's wealth for Wilf. This new stadium will make him richer once he sells the Vikings and he knows it. He will be long gone while we continue to pay for this new structure. And paying for it will take decades, just as it will take decades to pay for the Twins stadium. Also, by having so many stadiums in our metro area, we are already competing with ourselves. As it is now, huge concerts and other acts come to the Twin Cities and pit the Target Center, Xcel Energy Center, the Metrodome, Target Field and TCF Bank against each other so they end up paying little to nothing for rent. How much money do taxpayers already lose because we have too many venues? So by 2020, the new stadium will be mostly empty. And if people are still watching football by then, it will be on their personal devices, not in this underused stadium. The future of entertainment is close at hand, but it seems that we are stuck on trying to build a better buggy whip.

stevedelappNov. 25, 1212:03 AM

The Metrodome has been a disgrace to the Mpls. downtown since the day it was conceived. A massive hulk with a pillow top, surrounded by lanes of traffic. Nothing living was allowed to be anywhere near the Dome. Just dare to walk anywhere near it. It's not safe and there is no view. And from a plane, the dome looks as out of place as it has been. Any replacement either needs to fit into the fabric of the downtown, with a mixed us facility or it needs to be a work of art, a piece of sculpture like the Weisman Art Gallery. The trouble is that the stereotypical patron couldn't care less about downtown Minneapolis and would much preferred to have driven to a mall like setting in Arden Hills where they could interact with freeways, sports themed restaurants/bars, and big box stores, and not have to put up with any of the considerable inconvenience of getting into and out of downtown, and worrying about one's well-being.

gwbuddyNov. 25, 12 4:10 AM

I'm sure that there are many people -- including me -- who would like to live across the street from Zygi Wilf's "New" playground for his rich Boys! All we're asking is that we get some sort of "Subsidy" in return for our living there. That's not too much to ask, is it? Zygi got his "Subsidy", and so should we! I'm pretty sure that these "Subsidies" will be a worthwhile "Investment" that will encourage MORE development in the future. And don't look at how the Cedar Square West project ended up. Living across the street from the new Viking's stadium will be a much different experience that will only get even BETTER as more development occurs in the area.

rshacklefordNov. 25, 12 5:07 AM

Step right up and place a bid on your seat license fee! The ticket will only get you into the building, ya know? And, keep playing those etab machines! Enjoy your Metrodome version 2.0 which will cost all patrons much more.

pitythefoolsNov. 25, 12 5:40 AM

"Even if it's a great stadium, it will have failed if it doesn't attract development around it," said Michele Kelm-Helgen, chair of the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority.

Didn't we hear this same garbage when the Dome was built? It was going to attract all this new development. Look what happened to that area. Tumbleweed town. The Wilf Palace is comparable to my neighbor forcing everyone in the neighborhood to pay for his new McMansion. The only people happy with it will be the people living in it.

pitythefoolsNov. 25, 12 6:27 AM

If that artists depiction is anything like what the real stadium will be, it looks like a futuristic weapon. With two sets of tracks on each side and the driver in the center section. We'll have replaced the "Dome" with the "Tank."


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