Wisconsin sues over nighttime Chippewa tribal deer hunt

  • Article by: DOUG SMITH , Star Tribune
  • Updated: November 21, 2012 - 8:36 PM
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munsterlandrNov. 21, 12 4:37 PM

Night deer hunting? If the "native americans" had their way, this country would have been barren of wildlife 100 years ago. They could NEVER have survived the "native americans" spearing pregnant fish, running buffalo off cliffs and not being able to use all the meat before it spoils, taking wild duck eggs out of nests with abandon, hunting deer in the spring and targeting the young fawns because they were good eating and the does fat and slow because they were pregnant, and of course just packing up and moving on after they had eliminated any and all game from an area.

hobie2Nov. 21, 12 5:51 PM

Other than having several parties of happy hunters with high powered rifles wandering around a woods at night not being able to see what is behind the shot -- so apparently some people have lost the skill needed to hunt and don't do at all well during the day? Who came up with this idea?

localguyNov. 21, 12 6:54 PM

It's not really about deer. It's about wolves, which are sacred to the Chippewa culture. If it's OK to hunt wolves at night, why isn't it OK to do the same for deer? Personally, I agree with the Chippewa on the wolf issue. Deer hunting is necessary because otherwise the herd would overpopulate and starve. And deer hunters eat what they kill. Do wolf hunters really eat the wolves? Or is it just the kick you get from killing a predator?

blatherskiteNov. 21, 12 6:54 PM

" so apparently some people have lost the skill needed to hunt and don't do at all well during the day? Who came up with this idea?" ---- From the article it sounds like the Euro-Americans did so they could kill wolves easier. Nothing dangerous about that, right? Ever coon hunt? You do that at night.

hobie2Nov. 21, 12 8:01 PM

"Ever coon hunt? You do that at night."... you mean YOU do that at night with dogs and buckshot and a pickup and a spotlight. No, I don't "hunt" raccoon like that.

thehoffersNov. 21, 12 8:12 PM

You aren't going to see them at night, unless you "shine" them. What a distinctive expression of fair chase!

billpayerNov. 21, 12 8:13 PM

Enough already, how long is this special treatment going to continue? Native American, Polish American? in 2012 let's accept we are all Americans, lets stop the entitilments. Native Americans control gambling and benifit by it but county tax payers continue to pay for all jail inmates, court proceedings and juvenile out of home placements regardless of race just to name a few examples. Look at Mille Lacs and Pine county... Let's get over it and level the playing field. I am truly sorry for what took place in the 1800s but let's move on.

ironweedNov. 21, 12 8:16 PM

Take it to court! I can't wait for this to play out! The tribes will win this hands down. Let's go to the Supreme Court and roll the dice for all the marbles! Win take all...

ladylynxNov. 21, 12 8:36 PM

Billpayer" FYI: The Tribes have "Treaty Rights"! This is not special treatment. Gaming isn't controlled by them, there are National & State regulations tribes have to comply with. All Tribes pay taxes too. So get off you bill paying soap box.

blatherskiteNov. 21, 12 8:46 PM

" I am truly sorry for what took place in the 1800s but let's move on." ---- Sorry doesn't cut it. Sorry doesn't let you renege on promises you made or treaties that you signed. Sorry doesn't wash away the millions that starved because you killed the game, died of illnesses you brought from Europe, or were just plan slaughtered because they were thought to be inferior and you wanted the land they occupied. There just ain't enough sorry's to cover all of that. So now you are condemned to have the promises you made thrown in your face every chance possible. And you, and I am you also, deserve it. Manifest Destiny my @ss.


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