As truce holds after 8 days of Hamas-Israel fighting, Gazans emerge from homes to clear rubble

  • Article by: KARIN LAUB and IBRAHIM BARZAK , Associated Press
  • Updated: November 22, 2012 - 3:14 AM
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badgerfan2Nov. 21, 12 8:22 AM

I hold little hope for this region, they will be fighting and killing each other until the end of time. Personally I am tired of hearing how great of an ally that Israel is. Frankly they are the most worthless ally ever because they won't stop stirring up trouble. If they don't agree to a two state solution, this is the way it is going to be. Why should they expect anything less. Don't get me wrong, the Palestinians are equally worthless.

timandtiaNov. 21, 12 8:26 AM

Israel, you have my blessing to "go after" all of them. Since Obama is probably still on a "morning talk show", you might have to go it alone. Stand strong..

formergopNov. 21, 12 9:08 AM

timandtia The United States has no skin in this. If you want to live in the middle of a historical war zone, thats Israel's problem. Not ours.

tjb1964Nov. 21, 12 9:29 AM

These groups have hated each other for thousands of years. Well before we were here...It's deep rooted into their cultures. I too am tired of hearing about it but at the same time I havent walked in their footsteps. I too dont understand how isreal is such a great alley...What do they produce? What do they send to us? I have not seen anything sent that says Made in Isreal...or Made in Palestine...So these two factions and the rest of the Middle East will continue blow each other up no matter what we do. We havent been able to stop it for decades, what makes us think that its going to stop now? They need to deal with the adolescent behaviors themselves and we need to stop sending help for a change...lets help ourselves first.

danjonasNov. 21, 12 9:40 AM

the zionist occupation and its agenda of stealing land uprooting people of Palestine (since 1940"s)from their own homeland is the dangerous problem ,ok forgt the past ,israel must comply with all UN resalutions since 1947 till now either 1 state for all Arab & jews , or half and half and must dismantle all settelments and all its nuclear and chemical arsinal arms , by the ways our forgn policy in that region never been fair because we take orders from IPAC (zionist jewish lobby in DC )then peace will come automatic

citypersonNov. 21, 1211:02 AM

The Palestinians are fighting with the weapons they have.

cunderwood4Nov. 21, 1211:26 AM

The United States gives about $3 billion in aid to Israel every year, much of it military. Israel is usually the largest recipient of U.S. aid every year, and has received more aid than any other country since the end of World War II. How are we neutral in these wars? How are we blameless in the disproportionate number of Palestinians killed in them, usually with weapons the United States provides?

thehoffersNov. 21, 1211:39 AM

Hamas decoded: "Iron Dome is batting .800 against our most expensive missles, and only whack jobs like Iran are really backing us beyond 'just words'. Time to cut our losses."

mruniverseNov. 21, 1211:53 AM

Israel feels free and encouraged to continue with its destructive policies toward the Palestinians because we provide it with political and economical cover. United States usually stands alone and isolated in using the Veto in the United Nations Security Council due to AIPAC's pressure here at home. As long as we provide Israel with this cover, it does not feel the needs to compromise and stop its occupation, the siege, the blockade, and Apartheid. Unless we truly live up to our values and call Israel what it is, we will appear hypocritical before the world. And the reason is our unconditional support for Israel.

atoonceNov. 21, 12 2:00 PM

Cease Fire. You see what happens when you get someone competent into a job? Notice how we didn't decide to bomb or invade the wrong country? What a retardedly-bad decision that would be! Yes, the two sides have hated each other forever, but remember it's only the hot-heads that drive this behavior. You can also call them War Hawks, or more simply, Right Wingers. Most people on both sides just want to move on with their lives. Hey, here's an idea - maybe if we can continue to improve relations with all of the surrounding Middle Eastern nations, and help their citizens obtain freedom and prosperity, they will actually help to resolve the situation peacefully. A good first step would be for them to cancel their declaration for the destruction Israel. Now back to Hillary. The only reason she isn't president now is she just wasn't as cool as Obama. I'm sure she is smarter, but smarter isn't everything. Now Bill was a combination of both of them.


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