New marijuana laws no pipe dream

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  • Updated: November 20, 2012 - 7:04 PM

Seventeen states have passed measures legalizing medical marijuana, bringing the total to more than a third of the Union.

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minneg56Nov. 20, 12 7:41 PM

I don't use it but I don't care if other adults choose to. Time to legalize it, tax it and erase the national debt with it. Plus the economy might improve with the sale of Barcaloungers!

roysandstromNov. 20, 12 8:31 PM

Having worked as RN in Detox/Rehab and community health I support unfunding prohibition. Cannabis is safer than alcohol or cigs and offers many medical uses besides adult recreation. Re-think prohibition, a trillion dollar failure by every outcome measure.

LakeliverNov. 20, 12 8:35 PM

Absolutely, legalize it and tax the crap out of it. You can't legislate morality regarding this stuff, just as you couldn't do it with alcohol. Legalize and get the criminals out of the entire drug business. I don't use it or any other illegal drugs but people who do clearly are going to whether or not there's a law.

probsolverNov. 20, 12 8:42 PM

Let the dopers smoke....less competition for the high paying jobs. Toke away dopers

jdubya12Nov. 20, 12 9:08 PM

Pawlenty already vetoed a similar bill for terminally ill patients a few years ago. Great idea Tim~!~ Minnesota needs to organize and try to legalize medical marijuana once more.

roymercerNov. 20, 12 9:42 PM

Legalizing weed would instantly save America literally billions in wasteful, ineffective law enforcement expenditures, and save thousands of lives and millions healthcare $. Only morons would prohibit it. We'll tax it $5 a pack like regular heaters. Win-win.

lettem01Nov. 20, 1210:21 PM

I personally don't care if they legalize marijuana or not. I just find it interesting that it seems to be socially acceptable to smoke dope but you are a social outcast if you smoke cigarettes.

lalahemNov. 20, 1210:27 PM

Legalize and tax!

nativeson10Nov. 20, 1210:39 PM

I smoke pot, my doctor of 20 years admitted she smokes pot, my brother who is a lawyer smokes pot. None of us have ever been in trouble with the law. Part of the problem with legalization are the liquor and pharmaceutical industries. The 2 sources that are currently packing rehab facilities that we all pay for. Huge money for lobbying.

donm251Nov. 20, 1210:59 PM

The enforcement of herion and meth has failed too, but that doesn't mean it shoud be legalized.


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