Lessons for Obama from the movie 'Lincoln'

  • Article by: John Dickerson , Slate
  • Updated: November 20, 2012 - 7:02 PM

Many Americans find Obama's manner too timid and accommodating, a charge Republicans of Lincoln's day leveled at their president.

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Wally_99Nov. 20, 12 4:20 PM

President Obama "too timid and acommodating..." - ROTFLMAO. There is no politician more arrogant than he is.

mikebergNov. 20, 12 4:26 PM

Ending slavery is equal to having the right (or forcing you) to buy affordable Health Care insurance. This is a joke right?

atoonceNov. 20, 12 4:59 PM

Give me "Abraham Lincoln - Vampire Slayer" anytime!

bobesseNov. 20, 12 5:11 PM

I cannot believe the writer inserted the comment that this was somehow similar to the ObamaCare Legislation. That was ridiculous!

basia2186Nov. 20, 12 5:18 PM

Obama is no Lincoln. He is an arrogant socialist who spends more time travelling overseas, being interviewed on talk shows and playing basketball than trying to fix what ails us. What ails us is overspending,for decades! I want not one more word from d.c. About raising taxes till they cut spending by about 20%. He is so over his head it is ridiculous. How he has fooled so many still amazes and saddens me. Signed, single Mom, union steelworker.

e72521Nov. 20, 12 5:23 PM

Never take Hollywood seriously when it comes to movie portrayals of history. Movies almost never get it right.

elmore1Nov. 20, 12 5:35 PM

The comparison of Lincoln to Obama isn't close in any respect. Lincoln worked to unite a divided nation. Obama has done nothing but seek to divide the nation from day one.

obamafone4meNov. 20, 12 5:59 PM

Timid and accommodating? The guy is a partisan through and through, unwilling to even meet with his own cabinet and won't negotiate a thing. He is the most narcissistic president we have ever had and his smugness and arrogance is overwhelming.

crystalbayNov. 20, 12 6:26 PM

"He is the most narcissistic president we have ever had and his smugness and arrogance is overwhelming."................I have to laugh at this because Obama is not arrogant in any way other than the fact that the majority of American people trust and respect him. You mistake confidence, strong and future-oriented vision, and excellent leadership skills for "arrogance". We are fortunate enough to have just the right leader at just the right time. I firmly believe that he will be considered one of our greatest presidents in the future. In fact, he's already been selected as one of the ten best presidents in US history already - and the only one who's served but one term.

crystalbayNov. 20, 12 6:28 PM

"Obama has done nothing but seek to divide the nation from day one."............Totally wrong. From Day One, it was the GOP determining to divide the nation by obstructing even legislation they formerly supported once Obama favored it. Everything that's gone badly for us can be attributed to the destructive forces of the Tea Party.


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