Working sick doesn't pay

  • Article by: JEFF STRICKLER , Star Tribune
  • Updated: November 19, 2012 - 7:29 PM

More workers feel pressured to come into the office when they should stay home, but doctors and co-workers say the sacrifice is ill-conceived.

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mnmaggiemnNov. 19, 12 3:49 PM

Some places simply dont allow sick days. I know it sounds weird but theres a place I know of that gives you a mark for each day sick you miss and once you reach three you are written up and loose your bonus (even if these days are all due to one illness in a row etc). Doctors notes dont cut it or help the situation. It should be illegal. As a result people come in sick in fear of being written up, losing their bonus or even worse their job. Dont blame the employee who cant afford to loose their job, blame the employer for such strict rules and the inability to bend.

northbordersNov. 19, 12 7:35 PM

Call in sick when you are sick, and only when truly sick. But, too many workers have called in sick when they aren't sick. For those who use sick time for their kids, well, that is no excuse. I don't want to be working with you when you are sick, nor will I work next to someone who smokes outside of work (I can smell it on their clothing). Frankly, I'm sick of the workforce today and their unhealthy practices in the first place.

erikj3Nov. 19, 12 7:45 PM

Every worker should get a certain number of allowed sick days (with pay), without fear of being punished. I've experienced this many times, where coworkers show up to work sick because they don't want to get an "incident" and then proceed to annoy the whole office with their coughing and sneezing and sniffling (nevermind making other people sick!). No one should have to worry about getting fired for getting sick (which we all experience at some point)!

member23131Nov. 19, 12 9:08 PM

And, how do we like food service businesses who "frown" on use of sick leave? What about places that want nothing to do with health care for their employees. Do you want to buy pizza provided by people who don't have medical care? Do you want the cashier with a moist red nose to handle every piece of food in your grocery cart? Healthcare for all Americans, and sick leave for all employees is basic. Part of any job is coming to work healthy and rested. If you have a good job, you owe your employer coming to work in a condition that looks good to customers. I think that there is massive bad behavior on the part of both employers and employees on this front. I shop where I think the employees are treated well. If I see a sick employee, I complain to management. A little reminder... I suggest that you think about the objects that you touch on a daily basis. How many sick people have handled it before you? -R Perschmann

vpahrduhNov. 20, 12 9:51 AM

Many companies now mox vacation days with sick days. So for every day you are sick you burn up a vacation day. I don't know what the solution is but that is the incentive for sick employees to come to avoid burning a vacation day.

squarnNov. 20, 1211:43 AM

The company I worked for gave us 6 sick days per year. These days were to be used during the employee's illness, employee's child's illness, and also doctor appointments. I got so tired of being exposed to sick people, but who could blame them? 6 days does not go far......

vegasgalNov. 20, 1212:02 PM

As someone with asthma, when I catch someone's cold, there is a strong possibility that it will develop into something more serious including pneumonia. At a minumum, a common cold will require a doctor's visit($225 cash until my $2,000 deductible is satisfied) and additional meds. I rarely take a true vacation day as I usually have to take all my personal time leave because I am sick. I accept that is my life but I sure don't appreciate a sick co-worker blightly passing their germs around.

kay353Nov. 20, 12 1:16 PM

Six days is better than what we get, zilch, 0. We get a lousy 23 PTO days for the first TEN friggin years. So that includes being sick, doctor appointments, kids school stuff and oh yeah, vacation. Heaven forbid you have a serious illness or need surgery or a family member needs care as you can forget about any vacation for the year. As a result, nobody here stays home when they are sick, except the old-timers who have 30+ PTO days and eventually, the whole floor is sick. As long as management insists on this policy, we'll keep coming in sick.

rhaupertNov. 20, 12 1:19 PM

With so many workers being classified as "contractors" with no benifets, there is a powerful incentive to work no matter how sick you are.

kwiz01Nov. 20, 12 3:45 PM

I agree, people should not feel they need to come to work when they are truly sick. But, hey, this is the new norm. A government that is unfriendly to small business makes it difficult for that business to stay in operation, and it spreads that burden to everyone at that small business, especially the employees. But the majority of Americans re-elected a government that continues to be unfriendly to small business. Can't have it both ways. Some of my friends and family work at large businesses also, and they are afraid to take time off for bona fide illnesses, as they fear they will lose their job in the next round of layoffs. Welcome to the new world order in the USA.


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