Top receiver Barker quits Gophers, writes angry letter about Kill

  • Article by: PHIL MILLER , Star Tribune
  • Updated: November 19, 2012 - 11:35 AM

The injured wide receiver informed the university via a seething, lengthy Internet post directed at coach Jerry Kill.

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GKGBullTinNov. 18, 1210:40 PM

Good riddance. Waa, waa, waa my football coach yelled at me.

IntoblivionNov. 18, 1210:54 PM

It all sounds like pretty common coaching behavior, rip players apart as seen fit and build them back up after.

martiankingNov. 18, 1210:56 PM

What's with the athletes from De La Salle that want to leave the U? First Royce White, now Barker. Is this a coincidence or a symptom of something wrong with De?

helclNov. 18, 1211:03 PM

sounds alot like royce white jr. the world owes me everything. good luck in division II barker, this was an awesome opportunity for you and you just blew it.

united4Nov. 18, 1211:05 PM

Obviously, getting a good education comes second to football for Barker. A coach wouldn't belittle you if you did everything right. Which BIG10 can Barker go to that will give him a chance like the Gophers? Good luck!

sande015Nov. 18, 1211:11 PM

Don't let the door hit you, AJ. You got busted for not doing what you were supposed to do with your rehab. And coach yelled at you. Then tried to let you know he cares but he's the boss. Got tired of hearing it? Well good luck with that at Idaho State or wherever you end up.

atlmikeNov. 18, 1211:20 PM

players are held hostage by the scholarships. if you don't keep in line, you lose your scholarship. they're not guaranteed for four years, just one year at a time. barker wasn't held by that. i'm sure that if "players could talk", you'd hear plenty of things about plenty of coaches.

ActTwoNov. 18, 1211:25 PM

Kill had every right to be upset when he found out that Barker wasn't following the trainer's advice.

garagewineNov. 18, 1211:27 PM

Maybe AJ had a legitimate gripe against his coach, maybe not. Either way, he does not help his credibility by airing out this issue publicly rather than dealing with it directly and internally.

StephenBNov. 18, 1211:27 PM

Is there any question that Jerry Kill is totally incapable of coaching at the Division I level?


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