Palestinian civilian death toll mounts as Israel targets militants in residential areas

  • Article by: IBRAHIM BARZAK and KARIN LAUB , Associated Press
  • Updated: November 19, 2012 - 6:24 AM
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marketing guyNov. 18, 12 9:45 AM

How about making it clear that the Gaza Palestinian's hide the rocket launchers in schools, daycare centers, residential areas and places of worship? Israel is not indescriminate about these strikes.

budgrant00Nov. 18, 1210:13 AM

This is the sort of thing that happens when launching missiles from neighborhoods. Hamas makes the most of playing the sympathy card while using human shields. Also CNN and the BBC were showing falsified video of 'victims' yesterday, one guy was seen being carried aloft by rescuers only to to be seen later leading a demonstration none the worse for wear. Another poor 'victim' stopped the act a bit too soon and jumped off the stretcher before the director had called "cut" it would seem. Yes there are innocent victims in wars, but they are very useful victims for Hamas sadly.

money2145Nov. 18, 1210:52 AM

I think it's something that the US can have drones blast rebels and civilians and no one says much about it. But when Israeli rockets do the same thing, everyone gets up in arms. Hell, Israel has rockets being fired at it's people. What Nation on this earth would NOT fire back? Israel should tell the Government in Gasa that the first rocket that falls into any city and kills any people, the WAR will begin and Gasa will be totally taken over AND KEPT as Israeli land forever. NEVER to be given back. And if Egypt wants to join Hammus in the fighting, IT's territory will be kept too; NEVER to be given back. If they did that, Israel would be a LOT BIGGER NATION within a few years. And after those few years, Israel would be a lot safer because it's neighbors will realize they are going to lose ground and Israel will get bigger. There is NOT ONE OTHER COUNTRY that would allow rockets to be fired on itself without declaring war.

d434478Nov. 18, 1210:53 AM

Well...if hidden in homes, pick another target...there have to be plenty. Children are children everywhere...precious. ProIsrael...but also a elsewhere!

jjollmanNov. 18, 1211:53 AM

I suggest that people read the full history of the conflict before commenting.

budgrant00Nov. 18, 1211:54 AM

d434478..Target elsewhere? How does that work exactly when the targeted missiles are where the targeted missiles are placed amongst homes and schools? That said, last time Israel did refrain from taking out Hamas leadership when they were using human shields and arriving unannounced to sleep in random civilian homes.

owatonnabillNov. 18, 1211:55 AM

The fact that these brave jehadists need to hide behind womens' skirts and childrens' schools and day care centers says a lot.

budgrant00Nov. 18, 1212:05 PM

As for missiles in question they were smuggled in from Iran. Two ways into Gaza, through Egypt via the official entry points or the tunnels Israel took out a couple years ago. The other way is on relief and supply ships which Israel gets grief over searching. So we have Hamas and Iran going to great lengths to arm Gaza and launch randomly on Israel, and people can't understand why Gaza gets hit? So what would any other nation do in Israel's place when faced with a terrorist group backed openly by a soon to be nuked up Iran? I'm not sure what the anti Israel folks here expect? The settlement program is about creating defensible borders. If Israel could be assured they would never again need to defend it's self that land would be turned over, but the reality is that it will never be the case.

hobie2Nov. 18, 1212:08 PM

If you don't assassinate elected leaders and crow about it, you don't get rockets shot at you. You don't get rockets shot at you, you don't have to bomb apartment buildings... We knew this for decades, and we know that blaming the Palestinian family for their children dying for their allowing armed militants on their roofs is only done by fools and cowards, done by sociopaths so sick fools can swallow it and nod as to how it is justified.. but then, you are what you do. Little cowards will always be little cowards.

stingballNov. 18, 12 1:33 PM

And here we go again with the media falling into the hands of the Hamas terrorists, blaming Israel for killing civilians instead of accurately pointing out how Hamas provoked Israel into a confrontation. And not mentioning how the Hamas terrorists typically hide amongst civilians populations to keep from being target. The correct blame belongs on the Hamas terrorists who cowardly commit terrorist acts and hide within civilian populations, directly putting innocent civilians at risk. Interesting how often the media cannot scratch just a little bit beneath the surface and see the real truth.


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