Liberals think they won. Not for long.

  • Updated: November 17, 2012 - 11:09 PM

The right is positioned to convince Americans of its essential truths.

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biltamNov. 17, 12 5:38 PM

When Kersten, like the GOP itself, begins to deal in a fact-based world based on math and science, she and they may begin to see gains. Comparing the GOP's anemic 2012 performance with that of 2008 when Obama trounced McCain is ludicrous. The GOP has succeeded at alienating every demographic except old white men, the uneducated and evangelicals. Catholics even turned their backs on Mitt. There will be no resurgence of the GOP until they come back to the middle and drop the racist, homophobic, sexist platforms. As long as Rove, super PACs and the religious right are running the show, it's a Democratic future as far as the eye can see.

chavistaNov. 17, 12 5:39 PM

From the opinion, "Americans' receptivity to the conservative message is likely to increase as the consequences of Obama's reckless policies become evident." If there were a list of Obama's reckless policies KK could have named them, but as you notice she doesn't because they don't exist. Neither KK nor any other poster today will be able to come up with one. She continues to ignore who created the debt. KK, over 85% of the current $16 trillion debt came from Republicans and it will continue until the policy failings of Bush and previous presidents are paid off.

zippo12Nov. 17, 12 5:45 PM

This article reflects heavily on the governor races but ignores how badly the Republicans did in the Senate where they had little on the line but still lost seats. Most legitimate experts (in contrast to people who are paid to do propaganda pieces like this one) do see a demographics problem for the Republican party going forward. Some say the messengers are merely the problem (e.g., white males who openly talk about "legitimate rape"), but demographics show the Republicans are losing the youth and Hispanic votes by a landslide. Initially, Republicans can merely tinker with getting a few more votes to close the gap, but the gap is only going to widen. Ultimately, the Republicans have to widen their base. How they widen the base will be interesting to see, for none of the options will appeal to white male evangelical christians (e.g., woman's rights; gay rights; minority rights; immigration).

arielbenderNov. 17, 12 6:23 PM

Hey KK, it wasn't just an electoral college win, he won the popular vote as well...and all the denial in the world won't mask that fact and THAT'S what sticks in your craw the most. You and your ilk were repudiated by a majority of the country.

goferfanzNov. 17, 12 6:33 PM

The day of (w)reckoning is coming for the Dems, indeed for all of us, but it will hardly be because of "the right." It will be the unforgiving reality that one cant spend huge sums of money they dont have-->and it will be here very, very soon. As I have posted many times, the biggest Trojan Horse of the modern era was the 11/2006 midterms when Dems ran and won a huge election on an "anti-war and GOP is culture of corruption" platform. They took power and quickly exploded the deficit to truly unfathomable levels while then "funding" two war surges for two different Presidents. The country has been reeling, and neither party seems ready to embrace the harsh reality ahead.

pumiceNov. 17, 12 6:45 PM

Same-old, same-old from the article: "These principles hold that human beings -- and liberty -- flourish best under limited government; that economic prosperity and innovation spring from free markets, and that strong families and a vibrant civil society are essential to instilling the virtues and 'habits of the heart' on which self-government depends. In contrast, the liberal entitlement state stymies human ingenuity and fosters debilitating dependency." Liberty flourishes best under a federal government enlightened enough to encourage every citizen to develop "habits of the heart," benevolent enough to protect every citizen's human rights, strong enough to expand and protect civil rights, and smart enough to provide for the common good to which every citizen is entitled. Economic prosperity springs from an educated workforce whose work is valued. Families flourish when workers earn an income which enables them to support themselves and their families.

goferfanzNov. 17, 12 6:56 PM

"You and your ilk were repudiated by a majority of the country.".....Hmmmm, ariel, you do realize the final count was: 100 million not voting, 62 million Obama, 59 million Romney. About 1 million "other" votes. Almost a majority of the country didnt vote, that's why America is deserving of its fate. The stunner to me is a President being reelected with 7 million LESS votes. No wonder Romney is scratching his head as he has to be wondering where the "voter outrage" was on election day. I guess it's more exciting to vote for American Idol :o)

mchristiNov. 17, 12 6:57 PM

Kersten appears to be in rather deep denial. It is almost as if she is constructing her fantasy to make everything seem all right and talk herself and her fellow "conservatives" out of their funk. The "true conservative" mindset she embraces and wants the Republican Party to continue to embrace increasingly appeals to an increasingly narrow portion of the US population as the face of the American population changes and their policies and arguments become more focused on the narrow concerns of the few rather than the many while many Republicans continue to act like this narrowing population constitutes supposedly real Americans instead of simply a white, well-to-do, and mostly male establishment.

arielbenderNov. 17, 12 7:12 PM

goferfanz, you continue to complain about Obama blaming Bush in the same breath as you continue to blame the 2006 Senate and House. What was Bush forced to sign?

ontherecordNov. 17, 12 7:32 PM

goferfanz: "The day of (w)reckoning is coming for the Dems, indeed for all of us, but it will hardly be because of "the right." It will be the unforgiving reality that one cant spend huge sums of money they dont have-->" Reagan and both Bushes did! Only when Obama was elected did you and other righties feign outrage over the debt that was largely caused by the three prior Republican presidents. When the tax rates are dialed back to the rates 14 years ago, we will see more investment by business and a bigger rebound in jobs as what happened under Clinton.


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