Official: Vikings have right for seat licenses; should be in line with previous Minn. stadiums

  • Article by: MARTIGA LOHN , Associated Press
  • Updated: November 16, 2012 - 1:24 PM
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dondangerNov. 16, 1212:11 PM

They may have the right but we also have the right to say no to the price gouging. What other business gets taxpayers to fund their facilities while they profit millions. Not too many. And yes I realize there are social and tax benefits for the public but enough is enough. Life would go on without the Vikings.

vegas2112Nov. 16, 1212:14 PM

Before this gets out of hand, the Governor should have legislation sponsored that rescinds this ridiculous provision in a bill that should never have been passed in the first place.

fittobetiedNov. 16, 1212:17 PM

It's pretty clear with their comments that they desperately want seat licenses but for knowing the popularity of the issue, play it like their still "uncertain". Go ahead owners, just admit it, you'll be fried for days for the decision but people will eventually go on with life. At least admit it though, people aren't stupid in MN.

RossbergNov. 16, 1212:40 PM

It's unlikely that the Vikings owners would go to the trouble of taking surveys and being vague about their plans if their intent was to only charge a maximum of $1,000 to $2,000 while other teams are charging 10 to 15 times that amount.

notforwardNov. 16, 1212:45 PM

How is this even an issue? The verbiage is clearly spelled out on page 22 of the contract that DAYTON signed. The longer this goes on, the dumber Dayton looks....which is fine with me. Really smart decision electing a failed former one term Senator who's peers called him illogical, irrational, and unpredictable. He'a a self proclaimed alcoholic with a history of mental health issues. What in the World were you people thinking?

zyxwvuNov. 16, 1212:46 PM

what do you expect from a guy who wants to assume minimal risk and maximum profit?

songczarNov. 16, 1212:47 PM

They do not have a "right." You might want to look at the law §473J.15, subd. 14 "The authority shall own and retain the exclusive right to sell stadium builder's licenses…" Pretty clear to me. The authority has the "right" to say the team can't do it. Contracts are neat.

gldolsonNov. 16, 1212:51 PM

Good gosh posters - get over this – It’s allowed in the stadium law – plain and simple – if our Governor is that stupid he didn’t know it was in the bill then that’s his problem. This seating license is not affecting me or you unless you are a season ticket holder or plan to be – then you have a choice to either buy or decline – simple enough.

martin64Nov. 16, 1212:52 PM

Why don't we all admit that the Wilfs want their lives and their toys paid for by someone other than them. They are greedy and that is why they are rich. Politicians want power, to get re-elected and campaign contributions. So they vote in THEIR best interests which unfortunately screws the "little people." I used to be a season ticket holder but quit after years of watching the owners suite and who was being courted during the games. It was sickening. McCombs was about the most disinterested owner I have ever seen but managed to smoosh with the pols.

vegas2112Nov. 16, 12 1:02 PM

Good thing we hired a good ole' boy like Mondale to look after the Minnesota taxpayer in these negotiations. He should be banned from the facility.


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