Minnesota Republicans foresee major changes

  • Article by: RACHEL E. STASSEN-BERGER , Star Tribune
  • Updated: November 16, 2012 - 12:24 AM

Some fear that without overhaul, they could be out of power for years.

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luzhishenNov. 15, 1210:22 PM

"Vin Weber, a longtime Washington lobbyist and presidential campaign adviser to both Mitt Romney and Pawlenty, said the party has hurt itself by insisting on fealty to the caucus system." The guy who quit rather than run for re-election in a conservative district and who advised two stellar political campaigns...now there's a voice to listen to1

wildfoxNov. 15, 1210:25 PM

What went wrong? ... Are you serious? The last 2 years was full of GOP fiasco's ... fiscal mess, affairs, lawsuits, eviction, abuse of power, distortions and bullying. Even your own party reps spoke out against your divisive actions. GOP you are done in MN.

Mippy1Nov. 15, 1210:52 PM

Hmmm. What to do, what to do. Why don't you put Michele Bachmann up as the face of the Minnesota GOP. Let her talk. A lot. Then, be sure to block and interfere with the budget process as much as possible. Voters really like that. Finally, proclaim that only "real" Minnesotans are welcome in the Minnesota GOP--you know, no freeloaders or immigrants or gays, and certainly no poor people or racial minorities. That should do the trick!

furguson11Nov. 15, 1210:53 PM

"Stanley Hubbard, the chairman of Hubbard Broadcasting who with his family gave at least $100,000 to Minnesota Republicans this year, said of putting the marriage amendment on the ballot: "When you do stupid things like that, you invite yourself to get beaten."" I believe that was Brodkorb's idea.

lib4everNov. 15, 1210:58 PM

"It's not that Republicans have the wrong message...." Keep thinking that way...oops you just missed the last exit to Relevance.............

carlsonNov. 15, 1211:02 PM

The Minnesota Republican Party embraced hatred as a platform and abortion, taxpayer league pledges of no new taxes, no gay marriage and other purity tests as the litmus tests for who is pure enough to be in the party. Long time Republicans such as George Pillsbury and Wheelock Whitney were branded as "quislings" by the illustrious ex-chair of the party and the brilliant republican strategist Michael Brodkorb. The most favorable term for those who so much as glanced across the aisle was RINO. Ironically, when you mix religion with politics, you end up with a toxic mixture of hate, exclusion and discrimination. The problem is, these are the qualities that the GOP has encouraged and cultivated for decades, so it's not just a problem of repackaging. The traditional republican party invited these crazies into the GOP tent in order to bulk up their voting base because they knew that the demographic of rich white guys could not win elections without them. The problem was, once the crazies got into the tent, there was no way to get them out again. The GOP brought this on by themselves. Now we have people like Michele Bachmann who was part of the republican crazies in the House who were willing to drive the country into bankruptcy for the sake of their no new taxes purity. After 8 years of Bush idiocy and four years of relentless obstruction, anyone who would trust or votesrepublican should have their head examined- unless they're a rich white guy. A leopard doesn't change its spots.

swmnguyNov. 15, 1211:07 PM

William F. Buckley spent most of career trying to do what the GOP needs to, in Minnesota and nationally. Get rid of what Buckley called "The Crazies." The John Birchers and the religious fanatics. As noted in the story, those groups can get 30% of the vote. But that's it. Adding in the Ron Paul people doesn't create a coherent coalition. The GOP is coming to the logical conclusion of Nixon's Southern Strategy and Reagan's embrace of the Evangelicals. By chasing out all the moderates, they alienated all but the fanatics and pushed themselves far to the right of most Minnesotans. By insisting on ideological purity and relying on various "dog-whistle" appeals to social issues and darker urges still, they've succeeded in making the MN DFL look open, organized and coherent, which is something I didn't think anyone could do. Time for the GOP to look at the Minnesota that really exists and try to appeal to it, rather than look inward and only accept what they themselves find acceptable.

tsmbbaNov. 15, 1211:21 PM

Wow, MN has turned the corner. No longer blaming the Independence Party?

martiankingNov. 15, 1211:29 PM

As long as the vocal, radical, few keep showing up at the local level to elect the base leaders of the party, the Republicons will never get beyond the extremists that have hijacked it.

vironweNov. 15, 1211:33 PM

Treating people who vote democratic with a modicum of respect would be a good first step. Actually treating their own moderates with a modicum of respect would be an even better first step.


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