Editorial: Seeking new ways to fund our schools

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  • Updated: November 15, 2012 - 5:51 PM

Relying on endless cycle of ballot questions creates disparities.

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fwallenNov. 15, 12 6:40 PM

Our state schools RESULTS have been declining for over twenty years. We can not improve results by just finding ways to increase revenue. We need to get all the stake holders together to develop a new strategic plan for all state schools. In is not 1959, mom isn't in the kitchen waiting for kids to get home. The kids may be poor, homeless, suffering from all kinds of maladies and/ or a dysfunctional family environment. The best teacher in the world with every tool at her disposal can not use the hours of class time to address all the problems, teach, maintain order, talk with parents and administrators,fill out reports and state board paperwork, and make a major improvement in the students performance. A new model has to include early intervention in dysfunctional environments so kids don't start out way behind peers. It also needs to look at the State Board of Education from a zero based budget. Determining how it will guide and, and nurture local districts. We also need to rethink how local leadership should be governed. Lastly no kid should be denied a quality education because of their place, urban, rural, or suburban.

clnorthNov. 15, 12 7:05 PM

Give every student the same amount of money and let them chose where they will go to school. Sounds simple doesn't it.

clnorthNov. 15, 12 8:00 PM

We have been trying to make schools fix societal problems. That is simply not possible. It is time to make the parents accountable for their child's education. Tie achievement to taxes. No pass, no refund. Money talks.

boris123Nov. 15, 12 8:03 PM

Why put more distance between the front line (the schools) and the people paying for the schools? Do you think this will reduce costs? Do you think this will improve results? Or, do you think this will reduce accountability of the school districts to the parents and people paying the bills by circumventing their involvement?

jjsbrwNov. 15, 12 9:53 PM

clnorthNov. 15, 12 7:05 PM Give every student the same amount of money and let them chose where they will go to school. Sounds simple doesn't it. --------------------------- would every school be required to admit all applicants on an equal basis (i.e. by "lottery" if there are more applicants than seats)? Would every school be required to accept the voucher as payment in full? Breck and Blake cost a lot more than the price of the voucher. Just wondering.

furguson11Nov. 15, 1210:54 PM

Internet bake sales are the answer

shuckNov. 16, 12 1:30 AM

"State school districts are the only local units of government that must periodically go back to voters for operating funds." And your solution to this difference is to eliminate the flavor which ensures accountability to the community's needs and values? Do you really have such a low opinion of your fellow citizens?

Willy53Nov. 16, 12 5:42 AM

The biggest problem with heaping public school funding on property taxes is that it creates huge inequaties in the quality of education between districts. Increasing state aid is the only way this gap can be narrowed which has a beneficial impact on the local communities as a whole, providing much needed funding where it cannot be found through property taxes and invigorating local schools.

stplooklistnNov. 16, 12 5:58 AM

Levy questions are over and above what the district can decide without a vote to raise school district taxes. Learn to live within budget.

comment229Nov. 16, 12 6:19 AM

You can bet the farm that the people that throw around the word "accountability" have no idea what teachers face as challenges in schools today. Accountability, begins as home, along with that other word that ends in "ity".... responsibility.


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