Obama on first post-storm trip vows to stick with New Yorkers `until the rebuilding is done'

  • Article by: MATTHEW DALY , Associated Press
  • Updated: November 16, 2012 - 4:34 AM
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theagonybhoNov. 15, 1211:26 AM

Political storm? nobody has said boo about it, he's Barack Obama, nice job to show up a month later.

reetnhNov. 15, 1211:42 AM

Barack Obama doesn't care about New Yorkers. Sounds silly doesn't it, but had Bush been president....

stockloserNov. 15, 1212:13 PM

Because the media is ignoring the subject I am wokering how many wars does Obama have us fighting this month? Maybe we should bring the troops home to help with the storm damage, secure the borders and start deporting millions of criminal illegal aliens.

godiveNov. 15, 12 2:47 PM

How many resources were diverted for this photo op? I wish in this day of instant information that the politicians from all parties just stay away so civil servants can work on the problems and not have to coddle these prima-donna's.

budgrant00Nov. 15, 12 3:21 PM

The double standard at play by the media here is incredible. Both were tragic, both times built in government inefficiencies and red tape delay every bit of help... but the victims of Katrina were used politically. Rather than resorting to trashing Obama, perhaps George Bush should get a collective apology.

updabuttNov. 15, 12 3:43 PM

He obviously forgot about them for the first month of the trajedy.

cavellNov. 15, 12 3:55 PM

No way Obama can ignore the powers that run ny/nj. The unions are too strong. They will demand the fed govt provides "aid" to fix everything.

budgrant00Nov. 15, 12 5:02 PM

One thing that has NOT been reported anyplace is that over 300 NFS firefighters ARE deployed to remove downed trees and have been sitting unused (save two days working on a federal institution)making 30 buck an hour plus per diem....all because the NY/NJ unions will not agree to let them help. Two guys from our town are stuck there, in FEMA trailers no less wondering when they will get to work or come home. Where are the "journalists" on this story? The Trib seems to forgot about it for the most part.

localguyNov. 15, 12 5:44 PM

By going to New York, Obama has built awareness across the country that people are still suffering. Without this trip, it wouldn't be in the news anymore. And for those of you who claim that he's a month late, he took three days off from campaigning right before the election to tour the devastation. The election's over. Obama won. Deal with it.

officertruthNov. 15, 12 6:38 PM

Vows not to forget them? Much like how he has forgotten his jobs panel, laser like focus on the economy, the four dead Americans in Libya, Trayvon sinc ehe lost his usefulness, Fort Hood, Fast and Furious, and the list goes on and on.....


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