Gibson's health passes key test in Fall League

  • Article by: JOE CHRISTENSEN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: November 15, 2012 - 7:54 AM
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RHOLANNov. 15, 12 7:06 AM

Not much mention of the pitches that Gibson throws other than a variety of fast balls and sliders. He also has a change up, but no other breaking pitches. He will find it much more difficult at the MLB level to succeed.

timandtiaNov. 15, 12 9:09 AM

Hope these guys can make the Twins pitching better - they need it. How ironic is that we do not here anything about the Twins 1st round draft pick from last year - an high school outfielder - what a wasted draft choice!

lindy_frank123Nov. 15, 12 9:11 AM

Sano is the 'center piece". Watch him make the club out of Spring Training.

Dantes929Nov. 15, 12 9:26 AM

If you mean last year 2011 we drafted a pitcher and he is doing ok in the rookie league. We also drafted a 3rd baseman and he did quite well in the rookie league and we drafted a shortstop who just did so-so. If you mean 2012 he also did ok in the rookie league with a .792 OPS in 48 games. You don't talk about wasted draft choices in the first year out of high school.

Dantes929Nov. 15, 12 9:40 AM

Rholan, I am a big believer in changing pitches, changing speeds and changing locations. Its not that "pitching to contact" can't work. Its that the Twins have done it so poorly the last couple years. A fast ball, slider and change up can be enough if you mix it up enouogh but Gibson is right. The important piece is command of your stuff. Liriano was great with the same arsenal when he knew where it was going. I have never faced a really good changeup but have heard it can be very hard to hit even when you know it is coming. If Gibson throws the fastball 90% of the time then I agree with you. If it is fastball 50% and the other two 25% and he has command of each then he will do just fine. I'm just guessing at the ratios. The important thing is keeping the batter guessing and uncomfortable while still throwing corner strikes.

dakfanviewNov. 15, 1210:17 AM

To run a artical about a rookie player a short time after lossing a veteran pitcher. I wonder if you are doing it to prepare us for whats to come like no pitching help is coming or we are going the cheap route again. Or if you feel like me that the Twins never have had any intentions of getting a quality starter. I would think that by now Terry Ryan would have made a move. Pitcher are just going to get more expensive from here.

northsportsNov. 15, 1211:14 AM

Past time to look at stretching out some of our reief prosects which we have a good supply of and see if they can be starters. One of the reasons that we have so many good relief prospects by the way and we are short on starters is that we do not have enough good pitching coaches at the minor league level as it is imperative to teach these young guys an effective 3rd pitch so that they can be successful as a starter. Two good pitches makes for a good reliever, 3 good pitches makes for a good starter.....that is the difference and it comes down to coaching at the minor league level ! PS. I am not sure we are getting that at the major league level either ??

readmylipsNov. 15, 1211:49 AM

I am increasingly being convinced that most of the people posting on these sights would much rather complain about the team than cheer for them to get better. If anyone on here thinks you are making people think you are smarter than the Twins coaches and staff because of your posts, you are mistaken. Reading something in a newspaper or watching a game on TV is a far cry from working with a player on a day to day basis. Get a clue people.

RHOLANNov. 15, 12 4:07 PM

Dantes: I agree with you regarding the use of change up and a variety of fastballs, but even Gibson said that his slider isn't that great. Over the years 50 for me), I have seen too many throwers not make it because they didn't have enough pitches in their repertoire. I would like him to add a slow curve or something similar. You would think that a number one pick would have more options. Hope he does well. Will watch him in Spring Training.

northsportsNov. 15, 12 8:24 PM

readmylips.....the results speak for themselves as we have plenty of good arms in the organization but a bunch of them are 2 pitch relievers as they have never been taught an effective 3rd pitch to be able to move up the ladder as a starter. That is a coaching issue in the organization ! Get a clue !!


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