An open letter to Vikings brass

  • Article by: KURT BURCH and TEAGAN BURCH
  • Updated: November 14, 2012 - 6:40 PM

You want support? Then you're going to have to court a different crowd.

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bluedevil101Nov. 14, 12 7:34 PM

Too bad Mr. Busch. I would not take children to a Vikings game for certain. There is a percentage of "fans" that use the game as an outlet to have what they call "fun"--being abusive to anyone wearing a sweatshirt for the other team to people who they consider out of step with their partying. Management could not care less about your experience. They may contact you and try and make it right, maybe an invitation to Winter Park. But, it won't make up for what happened at the event the kid wanted to see: the game. There's no excuse for this lack of management of the drunks and abusers. But, you can count on the fact that the Vikings management won't do a single thing.

plan2succeedNov. 14, 12 8:02 PM

Sadly, your son had to learn the hard way - that this entertainment experience is dominated by people acting exactly how you describe it. I made that observation in 1998 and have never spent a dollar on it since. The Wilf family and all employees of the team/NFL will be gone by the time he is employed and making decisions about how to spend his discretionary income. The more that is learned about the long-term effects of head injuries and the current unbalanced ecomonic model make football a sport with little future.

arizonamanNov. 14, 12 8:07 PM

Sorry to say, but that is what sports have evolved into in any city. That is why I gave up my season tix and enjoy it much more at home or at a good sports bar.

TeddyWelshNov. 14, 12 8:09 PM

Perhaps you did this but aren't there ushers or security people who could be asked to correct the problem? If not, there definitely should be. What a shame for the young man.

rambofoxNov. 14, 12 8:09 PM

How many game have they been too,like the father said the kid saved to go to the game.why complain now,why the letter now not sooner.

fightinbobNov. 14, 12 8:12 PM

Kurt, I couldn't agree more. I make it to about 1 Vikings game a year, when friends have an extra ticket that they can't use. I would NEVER bring my kids to a game, any more than I would bring them to an R rated movie before they are 17 or 18. The behavior you described is pretty typical of what I have seen over the last few years. We watch games on TV, but my kids won't go to a game until they are legal adults and buy their own tickets.

ronf528Nov. 14, 12 8:19 PM

How I sympathize. My last attendance was (and forever will be) about 12 years ago. An already drunk fan sitting directly behind me spilled his entire beer on me when we stood up for the national anthem. The fans around me were vulgar, and rude during the game. I left there disgusted and have been happy to watch the games occasionally on TV.

franknjackNov. 14, 12 8:25 PM

My sympathies. I'd encourage you and Teagan to go to Target Field. while the team is poor, the experience is fun and the environment more family-oriented. The ushers and security are proactive when it comes to abusive fans. I should add, though, that you should take no comfort from watching the game on Fox. The endless commercials for so-called comedies that rely on violence, sex, and toilet humor is horrific. Fortunately, we have TIVO and only watch the game after it's recorded so we can fast forward through the commercials. The NFL's target audience is the adolescent male of any age who thinks alcohol consumption, aggressiveness, and obnoxious behavior make them manly.

johnhloydNov. 14, 12 8:28 PM

I think this is why the the rich have box seats... They don't want to deal with the rabble... Sorta makes a person feel like they are witnessing the fall of Rome.. The games are no longer an event, but have turned into a spectacle...

goonzieNov. 14, 12 8:28 PM

How about a family section or two at the new place? I'm sure some savvy marketing could tell you just how many seats you could dedicate to a family friendly experience without sacrificing the almighty dollar. Souvignier sales would make up the beer sales...


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