Hartman: 'Good possibilities' for bowls, AD says

  • Article by: SID HARTMAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: November 15, 2012 - 6:33 AM

Norwood Teague discussed some of the options this week with colleagues and emerged enthused.

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djmcmanusNov. 14, 12 8:34 PM

Re: attendance - it's winning. No focus group needed!

drhntr0731Nov. 14, 1210:04 PM

Norwood. are you serious when you say you need to do a deep dive to figure out why students don't go to games? let me save the University and taxpayers the consulting money you'd spend on the deep dive. You have NOT won a big ten championship in 60 years! Win one and the place would be packed. I'm so sick of the low standards we have for our football team. Getting excited about a 6-5 (probable) record and qualifying for a Dec bowl game? it's absurd. I'd turn down the invite and continue to turn it down until you get the invite to a legitmate bowl game.

eyeintheskyNov. 14, 1211:46 PM

drhntr0731: you must be one of those hawgzeyez or badgerz...or...even worse yet, one of those vikqueen fans who always try to trash our Gophers. When a program is starting over after the failed brewball failure of an experiment that badger joel macturi and prexy b got use into, you TAKE WHAT you can WIN. The Gophers have won enough to receive a bowl bid...and, our coaches, team and we FANS who WILL travel to a bowl game...ANY bowl game...ANY time...ANY where...just because our team is going to play ONE more game and bowl games are FUN! Old stick-in-the-muds like you drhntr0731 can go jump in a lake, river or stream on December 28th if you don't like it... Now as for our new Norwoods plan to dig deep...and, as he stated: "...I promise the Gopher fans we're going to work hard in the offseason, do focus groups, do all types of drilling down to improve that situation..." I would like to advise our new Norwood that we need to try something different. Let's try what they are doing in the Shale Oil Fields...like our friends in Nort Dakota are doing...we need NEW thinking with our drilling for students for the student section. In the Bakken...they are usig fracking techniques to recover oil and gas resources they were previously unable to recover. Our new Norwood will HAVE TO come up with similar Horizontal "drilling" techniques to "prime" the pumps to recover all of the previously unreachable student section resources. He could even go to the campus settings on college campus settings all around the Twin Cities and RENT college students from other colleges to come cheer for their Gophers! After the old wilfster talks some more about how he is going to scalp the vikqueen fans for even MORE for their season tickets...maybe some of them will come to their senses... Beat the Huskers, Gophers. BOWLING is ON...and BOWLING is FANtastic... ; 0 )

lindy_frank123Nov. 14, 1211:57 PM

well eyeinthesky you've got your headinthesand....thinking this program/calling it loosely a program, has turned a corner...when they can compete on the field with the Iowas, Michigans and Wisconsins than they've turned a corner...not until then..

steavis61067Nov. 15, 1212:00 AM

Take whatever bowl they get. Idiots don't know that if you play in one, you miss out on practice time, as non-bowl qulaifyiers must wait until spring. Only Allen Iverson would like that.

rshacklefordNov. 15, 1212:00 AM

(from the article)"Teague said the department is going to investigate why student turnout has been so low." ---- Wow. At his age, experience, and pay grade, he does not know? Does he even have a GED? How about this: if students go to the games and appear to be happy to be there, the school will cut their tuition cost in HALF!

eyeintheskyNov. 15, 1212:13 AM

You start with what you have and you work....work....work. You BEG, BORROW and STEAL wins. Certainly, even a hawgzeye, badger OR vikqeen fan such as yourself can realize that 6 wins is BETTER than 3 wins...can't you? Why, even the last two seasons when the Gophers ONLY had 3 wins...ONE of those three came against those iowa hawgzeyez...remember? This year, the Gophers have just as many B1G wins as the hawgzeyez. They probably won't even be invited to a bowl game this season. They have Michigan and Nebraska left to play, don't they? So, MY Gophers have a long way to go...but...they have made some improvements in 2012 from 2011. THAT is better than having it go the other way. It's NOT easy. But, PROGRESS is a good thing. Now, I will laugh VERY hard when the old wilfster gets back the money he CLAIMED he was willing to kick in when the state/local governmens agreed to pony up for all that ransom money he got from them when he started his "california dreaming" blackmail scheme to get the "handouts for billionaires" money. Go Gophers...It is better to bowl than NOT to bowl... ; 0 )

skidoo4funNov. 15, 12 6:29 AM

Running Peterson outside about time vikings mixed it up.

nycjake10010Nov. 15, 12 7:46 AM

You can't go from a Brewster team to winning the SEC West in a year. Kill has this team moving up. Another year of recruits and hopefully next year will show more improvement than this year has. I'm behind Kill and hope he has many years of success here.

joe_anokaNov. 15, 12 8:08 AM

nycjake - Well said!


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