The conservative rethink: A survey

  • Article by: William Saletan , Slate
  • Updated: November 14, 2012 - 1:16 PM
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detachedNov. 14, 12 1:43 PM

Wow, you're right. There are a lot of ways to repackage what Republicans don't actually believe. A leopard can't change its spots.

alaskanredNov. 14, 12 2:59 PM

Multi-Culturalism and diversity might be the words you are looking for... but the reality is that it is impossible to sell that to Republicans. I was just listening to the new clip of Lee Atwater's breakdown of the Southern Strategy and while it was creepy in it's dark honesty... you would have to dig very hard to find a conservative position that doesn't originate from that mindset and coded language. They can't escape it now. We just saw a campaign full of that type of rhetoric.

dentesterNov. 14, 12 3:44 PM

It's always amusing to see what liberals believe conservatives have to do to remain a viable political entity only two years removed from losing control of congress.

boss09Nov. 14, 12 3:44 PM

The problem with our two parties is that true conservatism is gone. Both parties are all about expanding govt. and pandering to every group they can. The talking points of both parties are just that. All talk and no real action. Our country will continue on a downward spiral until people wake up to the facts I stated.

dentesterNov. 14, 12 3:45 PM

This nation already has a liberal party. We don't need two.

gadams500Nov. 14, 12 3:47 PM

The Republican (Flat Earth) party needs a lot more then the little tweeking represented in this opinion piece. I for one think it is past redemption. Its membership is pretty much down to some crazy evangelicans,old white racists, and the sheeple they are still able to influence.

lonstarNov. 14, 12 4:02 PM

Honestly, he lost me here: "History is littered with liberal ideas - pacifism, high taxation, single parenting by choice - that conservatives challenged and defeated." Really. Wiped out pacifism. Wiped out taxes. And don't you even -think- of leaving that spouse of yours no matter what s/he does to you, because conservatives nipped that in the bud. And this crowd is wondering why their idea widgets don't sell?

lostwolf95Nov. 14, 12 4:05 PM

what we miss is true rugged conservatism. How about not fighting for big business and the wealthy, and make it easier for anyone to become one of those people? How about fighting for education and research. How about breaking monopolies. How about supporting small businesses and making it possible for them to succeed with regulations that take away the advantages of big business? How about leaving the social issues to the democrats? It doesnt seem like this is so tough to get there?

alaskanredNov. 14, 12 4:08 PM

By the way... we are a diverse nation. Accepting that isn't liberal, it is reality. You were beat with less than 40% of the white vote and you loss seats in congress. Call it whatever you will and make up all these imaginary reasons, but it is reality. Minorities will have equal say in how this country is shaped and rightfully so because they are Americans too.

gimbelNov. 14, 12 5:28 PM

dentesterNov. 14, 12 3:44 PM It's always amusing to see what liberals believe conservatives have to do to remain a viable political entity only two years removed from losing control of congress.

It' always amusing to read clueless comments from cons who feel qualifed to comment even though they obvioussly haven't even read the article.

The opinions contained therein are all from conservative pundits. They are the ideas of your guys, the ones who are on YOUR side.


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