Amid political storm, Obama heads to New York City to view Sandy recovery

  • Article by: MATTHEW DALY , Associated Press
  • Updated: November 15, 2012 - 2:09 AM
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theagonybhoNov. 14, 12 1:34 PM

Yes nothing to see here no security breach, no Libya issue, no fast and furious, its all fake folks were all good.

mcleanmNov. 14, 12 2:44 PM

"President Barack Obama said Wednesday he has seen no evidence" Similar to Mark Ritchie and voter fraud. if you are not looking for it, you will never find it.

foundersNov. 14, 12 2:54 PM

Of course he didn't. Here look at this shiny thing!! And most of you clowns believe it.

whynotrightNov. 14, 12 3:26 PM

I think that president Obama is going to have a very, very rough 4 years ahead of him. He's been up to no good since he got in office and this crazy quilt of hidden guilt is starting to unravel.

nerdgirl1968Nov. 14, 12 3:33 PM

Founders, do you have any evidence that is contrary to what our commander and chief said? Any proof that those who believe him are "clowns"? Perhaps you simply didn't get the outcome you wanted during the election and now you are suffering from some sour grapes. It used to be considered poor form and downright rude to accuse another person of lying without any proof. But I suppose it's OK for you to do it online, as long as it is anonymous.

ontherecordNov. 14, 12 4:01 PM

theagonybho: "no security breach, no Libya issue, no fast and furious" Why are you spending all your time trying to make up scandals? Didn't you have your fill of scandals under the prior administration? I think the right is just jealous that Obama has handled virtually everything without a hitch. Unlike his predecessor who had huge foreign policy problems (Iraq and WMD), legal problems (Alberto Gonzales who couldn't remember illegally firing AGs), political scandals, and (Abramoff and others), international scandals (Bremer losing $12 billion in cash in Iraq). It's so tough when the opposition has nothing to demonize that is even close to what happened from 2001-2008.

liora51Nov. 14, 12 6:24 PM

I was a reluctant supporter of Barack Obama the first time because I strongly supported Hillary Clinton. I voted for him this time with confidence that he was not only the best choice but is a great man.

kingtutskyNov. 14, 12 6:28 PM

Susan Rice is not going to help our interests long-term. I hope O doesn't nominate her because America needs to stand up to the bad actors of the world. She will never call evil evil.

zatawayNov. 14, 12 6:52 PM

The entire idea of bringing in Romney "for ideas" is pure spin and window-dressing to "appear" open to Republican ideas. It's not as though he has any ties to Romney or has ever shown any respect to him. It would be different if he wanted to appoint him to a position of power, or was inviting a Trump type to come in and help infuse ideas. That's the whole point though - invite someone who will clearly decline (for good reason) so to look good and accomplish zippo. And although Romney can't and won't say it, I'm sure he thinking "You're an idiot! You won the election, now go do your job and quit involving me in your mess!"

hobie2Nov. 14, 12 7:35 PM

"The president also insisted there was still time to peacefully solve a nuclear standoff with Iran,.." No!! We must listen the O.F.F. and send the kids to war. Our "heroes in uniform" need to go and die for the principles of the O.F.F... Push the Iranians to the brink of nuclear war and send our young men and women to die for our cause and make those Ayatollahs pay!... make the kids' parents proud - don't resolve the nuclear standoff - pass out purple hearts to parents so the radio jockeys and flag waving politicians who dodged military service and clerks who dodged combat can hold their heads high. We need to lose kids in war because that is the only way we can show the world that we are not weak... It's the principle of the thing... besides, veterans day is over... [Yes - it is sarcasm.. it is so easy to send someone else to die for your cause when you have never done the fighting or made the sacrifice. War should be the last resort choice - not the easy choice.]


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