Twins' rotation plan complicated with Baker gone

  • Article by: JOE CHRISTENSEN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: November 14, 2012 - 6:43 AM

The righthanded free agent signed a one-year, $5.5 million deal with the Cubs as Minnesota considered other options.

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sidhartmannNov. 13, 1210:20 PM

No big deal. It is all about value - now Ryan needs to sign a pitcher better than Baker for those dollars. We need three solid new starters, two free agents and one by trade.

bobo72Nov. 13, 1211:33 PM

Sid, you are correct. But Terry Ryan has to start doing his job. He always comes up short on pitching--he always ends up being out-bid or offering far to little for a trade. He needs to realize this isn't 1955 Mayberry and get with the program, or this team will lose another 97 or 98 games next year.

rodneyklineNov. 14, 1212:18 AM

Another "no big deal" loss huh? We have let our entire staff go in a sellers market. We have Diamond now and now we are going to pick up 4 more starters in trades or in free agency? A cheapskate like Ryan will not go out and get the #1 and #2 starters that we must have and 2 back of the rotation starters. We are going to see 4 mid tier starters at the most and none of them will be any better than Liriano and Baker would have been. This is just like letting Nathan go instead of picking up his option or signing him to an extension at a lower rate. We also don't have an effective closer. This will be another long year unless TR goes out and gets at least Grienke and Sanchez. Then I will believe that we are out to put a winner on the field. I don't care what it costs, we need a number one and two starter.

martiankingNov. 14, 12 1:12 AM

Trader Terry is hot on the trail of picking up the best pitcher that $3-$5 million can get him. Maybe even two of 'em!

ellijayNov. 14, 12 5:27 AM

The Jays just traded for 5 players that the Twins sure could have used. Reyes (current Twins SS is Carol?) Bonifacio (Could play 2B or OF, Twins don't have a 2b on their ML Roster), Johnson and Buerle (both pitchers that could take the 1&2 or at worst the 2&3 position. Twins don't have a pitcher that could fill their 1 through 4 spot on their roster) and Buck (a player who could catch. I wonder if the Twins even approached the Marlins. The Marlins are having a fire sale I wonder if the Twins are waiting for Black Friday to approach the Marlins about any of the remaining players on the Marlins roster. Come on Terry please do something. Make a move that gets the city excited about the 2013 Twins.

barrettmarkjNov. 14, 12 7:02 AM

Baker: good riddance! Why do the Twins always seem to love mediocre pitchers with no mental strength? (Baker, Blackburn, etc. etc.) Baker had one good season, but was mediocre at BEST... and the way he always turned around to look at the bullpen, like he was about to cry, every time the Yankees were up to bat was EMBARRASSING. Jeter and A-Rod were able to make him wet himself on the mound. Good riddance! TIRED of these sissy-boys the Twins seem to embrace (more Gardy enabling).

lindy_frank123Nov. 14, 12 7:39 AM

@ellijay...yeh Ryan just sat around while Toronto just gleaned Miami...this guy doesn't want to move...when you have to

alwayshappyNov. 14, 12 7:48 AM

MAN OVERBOARD. While I agree with those who say we dont really know if re-signing Baker would have been good or not, the fact remains that Baker joins Nathan, Cuddyer and Kubel as Twins regulars who jumped from this joke of an organization at the first opportunity.

wingophersNov. 14, 12 8:45 AM

Message to Terry Ryan...SIGN Zach Greinke. Forget Carl Pavano and other nearing the end of the line. FOR ONCE BE BOLD. Look what Toronto just did they want to win. Do the Twins really want to win ?

skeptikNov. 14, 12 8:54 AM

So if Scott Baker somehow comes up with another issue health or otherwise with the Cubbies and that new 5.5 million $ contract, that prevents him from pitching, he will have made 12 million from two organizations in two years without lifting a finger (except to sign his contract). Kind of reminds me of another opportunist named Silva.


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