Thanks-buying? Stores to start shopping season on the holiday

  • Article by: JOHN EWOLDT , Star Tribune
  • Updated: November 15, 2012 - 3:26 PM

Despite protests from some corners, retailers say deals draw families.

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leiftimberNov. 13, 1210:59 PM

It's really shameless. "Shift-differential pay" means they give you an extra dollar an hour above the basically minimum wage 8.50 they pay you. And it isn't volunteer basis. They ask people to volunteer first, with that luscious carrot of an extra 8 dollars to ruin your thanksgiving. And if they don't get enough "volunteers" it becomes mandatory for whoever gets the short end of the stick... unacceptable.

punky2012Nov. 14, 12 2:57 AM

This is just a reflection of the rotten economy. EVERYBODY now has to work harder to scrape and claw for less than before Obama took office. I GUARANTEE you that no manager working at Target wants to interrupt their holiday and come in at 7 PM to unlock the store for pre-opening preparations. But in this BAD economy (which is getting worse), stores of all kinds have to do whatever it takes to generate sale whenever they can, even if it means opening 8 hours earlier than normal. And with the job market as bad as it is, workers have less leverage than ever before. The boss says come in, you better come in or you will join the ranks of the over 20 million unemployed in this country.

salryteNov. 14, 12 4:29 AM

One thought on the Family Time reason is that most will begin lining up hours before the doors open. Some would be willing to spend their entire Thanksgiving, say starting at 10 am, outside a Walmart. A potential solution would be for store to use a lottery system whereas the first 100, 300, 500, people in line would draw a number. The person who got there 5 minutes before opening could be the first one in.

TeddyWelshNov. 14, 12 5:23 AM

Next they will be starting the after Christmas sales on Christmas eve! No thankyou, we will stay home and enjoy our holiday.

faloinkNov. 14, 12 6:36 AM

Corporate america is petty and sickening. I guess these are the jobs that were supposed to rely on the rich to create so we'd better no tax them anymore than they already are. Anyone out shopping on thanksgiving endorses this bs.

familyguy01Nov. 14, 12 6:45 AM

How many of you and or kids are going to stand in line for the new Halo4 video game? My daughter told me that kids are going to miss school the next day so they can play the game. That right there is the problem with this country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oxboardNov. 14, 12 6:58 AM

stay home shop online.

formergopNov. 14, 12 7:11 AM

The stores would not be open if there were no customers.

bluebird227Nov. 14, 12 7:18 AM

Punky--seriously?? You're going to blame this on Obama? The election is over with--deal with it.

sunnyreaderNov. 14, 12 7:20 AM

Of course it's all about values and what is really important to us. The concept of gratitude and thanksgiving is completely lost. Retail employees miss out on the yearly extended family gatherings. Corporations blame the economy and say that have to do this. Everyone has to be ahead of everyone else. Maybe a state law could cure change that . . . .


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