Tevlin: Fiscal cliff has unemployed living on edge

  • Article by: JON TEVLIN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: November 13, 2012 - 8:36 PM
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wedidntknowNov. 13, 12 8:48 PM

You want a job, they're out there. The majority of these people voted for Obama because they expect others to pay their way. They will get what they asked for, and John, you and your media cronies didn't do them any favors covering for Obama and his idiotic policies hat have put our country in this position.

wedidntknowNov. 13, 12 9:17 PM

Sorry I spelled your name wrong, JON.

dflleftNov. 13, 12 9:32 PM

LEAVE IT TO THE STRIB to find all the "victims"....Greece and California is what liberal "left" theory looks like.

BallFourNov. 13, 12 9:35 PM

I do have to say that anyone who expects to be able to take unemployment indefinitely isn't being realistic. If the woman who lost her job in April has been taking unemployment steadily since then, you have to know that resource has short limits. No question, many, many jobs have gone overseas, and have been doing so long before Obama. It has nothing to do with who's president, it has to do with shareholders. Companies have to keep squeezing so they can show a bottom line that is doing more than treading water.

startymoolijNov. 13, 12 9:41 PM

Meanwhile Obama is handing out millions of work permits to undocumented immigrants. Makes me wonder why the fed government continues to flood the labor market.

lawstarNov. 13, 12 9:48 PM

It is unfortunate that this article could not be accompanied by violin music. Poor, poor Rita. Which way did she vote for president? Is there a bank out there where we can all contribute to her welfare?

rholljNov. 13, 12 9:51 PM

I am a liberal, but I would encourage Ms. Oaks to find an "undesirable" job when/if her unemployment runs out. It may not be sales, but earn something, contribute something and keep yourself going. While you are working in a dead-end job, keep looking for a more desirable job. Best of luck!!

minn12Nov. 13, 1210:03 PM

Just one of many 'unintended consequences' of foolishly re-electing the very president who has already proven incapable of saving our economy and its jobs. Obamacare and its many tax increases and hidden fees on medical device makers will kill the medical field. Other companies are already laying off uncounted thousands, limiting hours, and not hiring new staff, in order to not be forced to provide 'Obamacare' to employees. Health premiums are already skyrocketing, and of course, anything the government tries to run always fails and goes broke. (See 'Post Office, Amtrak, etc.) Obama and his reckless spending will soon result in our country's debt and finances being downgraded to 'junk bond' status. This will cause the stock market to crash, wiping out what little savings and security Americans had left. Sad to say, America is in for a long four years. Thanks, liberals.

kkjerNov. 13, 1210:16 PM

wedidntknow: Just for laughs I will bet you 10 bucks you can't find a good paying job in MN in 6 months.

dexterjibsNov. 13, 1210:48 PM

Yea, just wait until ObamaCare takes full effect and watch even more jobs disappear. Then, wait for the other shoe to drop when Obama's spending trillions of more dollars comes home to roost. hen, wait for the 3rd shoe to drop, when the increased taxes on the middle class and rich doesn't bring in the revenues to cover the trillions of dollars Obama spends. Silly liberals, your screwed up world view will bring this country to its' knees. Thank you.


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