Obama lobbying business and labor groups ahead of fiscal cliff talks with Congress

  • Article by: KEN THOMAS , Associated Press
  • Updated: November 14, 2012 - 1:54 AM

WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama is lobbying business and labor groups to support his plan to avoid an impending fiscal cliff, telling the two sides he remains committed to requiring the wealthy to pay more in taxes.

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hallock53Nov. 13, 12 5:41 PM

I agree with the basic premise that there must be added revenue in any agreement, even some Republicans are coming around to that. I also think that the Bush tax cuts at least for the wealthy must be allowed to expire, I would even accept some slight increases in taxes for the middle class. The point is all must share equally in bringing the defecit down. No more giving favors to the upper class, it has added to the defecit and has not been a job creator. Spending cuts also have to be made but not Social Security which hasn't added to the defecit. Although I pretty much agree with the Democrats I do have concerns about what happens if we go over the "cliff". Any law passed can be made retroactive but what kind of negative impact will such a move have on the economy if the stock market takes a hit?

chickfilaNov. 13, 12 5:48 PM

We're in for some scary times with people like Patty Murray calling the shots.

theagonybhoNov. 13, 12 6:01 PM

hallock53, Have you seen the market lately down 450 pts since the election. There is some real bad stuff coming, the market will crash because of the new taxes on investments, people are already selling off. There have been massive layoffs since the election also, not seeing much good happening in 2013.

swschradNov. 13, 12 6:03 PM

that is a purely goofy idea. tax the rich, trim the benefits, finally once and for all kill the pork-barrel defense projects the Pentagon has been trying to get rid of, and get the dang bills paid. then let's fix the structural problems after we get past the fiscal cliff. everybody just grow the heck up.

roscoe2511Nov. 13, 12 6:25 PM

Whether its the Dems or the Republicans driving off the cliff, going over is A BAD IDEA!

januarygirlNov. 13, 12 6:32 PM

I think there is a fair amount of pre-negotiating posturing going on now. Let's hope the parties get to work and reach a decent agreement before year end.

kleindropperNov. 13, 12 6:47 PM

Step 1 is going off the cliff. Step 2 is replacing the currency (which the government can print off willy-nilly) with something that has value. I heartily advise conservatives to buy staples like gold, silver, food seed, and ammo and be prepared. And this time, I am not joking.

lizardguyNov. 13, 12 6:48 PM

This is great. Drive it over and then blame the GOP. EVERYONE knows that raising taxes on the higher income earners will NOT decrease spending, the deficit or debt. Go ahead!

nomedsNov. 13, 12 6:51 PM

"Whether its the Dems or the Republicans driving off the cliff, going over is A BAD IDEA!" It's a bad idea only because certain people are running around crying that the sky is falling. Let's go back to the taxes levied during the Clinton Administration and let those spending cuts take effect. Otherwise, the debt will continue to rise and rise. I thought the whole political campaign was to lower the debt. It doesn't appear that way afterall.

kleindropperNov. 13, 12 6:53 PM

Between the tax increases, Obamacare regulations taking out small business, Dodd-Frank taking down small banks, and the EPA stopping energy and manufacturing in its tracks, 2013 is stacking up to be an abomination. I'm not sure Romney could have even turned it around with these existing regs so I'm almost glad Obama is stuck holding the bag. Want an example? Look up Tier IV EPA regulations for diesel engines and what it is going to do to the price of equipment.


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