Announcers waste time on ref criticisms

  • Article by: JUDD ZULGAD , Star Tribune
  • Updated: April 17, 2008 - 9:43 PM

Dan Terhaar and Mike Greenlay spent too much time ripping the officials instead of analyzing play.

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largecarApr. 17, 0810:56 PM

they wouldn't get criticized. I have been a Wild fan from Day 1 and I have seen to many times the Wild getting the short end of the stick on many calls. I don't know why the refs seem to have a beef with the Wild, but they ALWAYS have seemed to call things only one way, and in the favor of the opposing team.

StingoctApr. 17, 0811:08 PM

The refs are pretty bad. Maybe it's just because Smyth, Forsberg and crew flop CONSTANTLY. Thankfully there was even a sign in the crowd shown on TV tonight about the FLOPsberg (his real name)... even Flopsberg got called for a penalty .. what was it for, diving? Then when Burns goes in, they don't call anything, which might be the right call, but if it was Flopsberg, that would have been a penalty. I agree the announcers should remain unbias but that's impossible when you're employed by the team and yes, they are speaking to Wild fans. They are saying the same things we are all thinking... maybe if McLeod would stop being a panzy and actually fight someone, maybe we can move on.

jamespatrickApr. 18, 08 1:20 AM

Couldn't agree more, Judd. But not that I would expect anything different. Passing the buck is practically our national pastime. I think the Wild will still pull it out. But they'll play hell trying to do it when constantly down a man with an already depleted D corp. Tonight was an improvement.

johnjsmithApr. 18, 08 3:11 AM

Bring Bill Goldsworthy and Cesar Maniago out of retirement!!!!!!!!!!

bderoyApr. 18, 08 5:57 AM

The Wild have now had 3 play by play announcers since the team began...that's not a good track record with viewers. Why didn't they go out and give one of the best play by play guys in town an offer...Frank Mazzocco! Sure, he's the king of Gopher hockey, but his energy makes the games on TV. Oh, how about Doug McLeod? He also created some incredible memories during North Stars TV games. He used to recently do games for the Phoenix Coyotes but not anymore. He'd be a 100% improvement over what we're stuck with now. As for that Greenlay stiff, what did he ever do in an NHL uniform? Nuff said about his expertise. Bob Kurtz and Tom Ried ought to be on TV, no doubt about it if the other above options can't be done.

jdoghooeyApr. 18, 08 7:51 AM

I absolutely agree with you Judd...I've been on that vibe since Terharr started, and Greenlay has progressively gotten worse. Props to you for writing about it.

ericbrApr. 18, 08 8:04 AM

I couldn't agree with you more. As I have watched other teams broadcasters over the years it becomes apparent how brutal Terharr and Greenlay are at their job. I know they are employees of the Wild and it is not hard to imagine the marching orders they get from management to be homers. Unfortunately they are not talented enough to pull it off without being obvious. Other team's broadcast teams I'm sure get the same instructions, they just do it better. If the players responded to bad breaks, missed or non-calls the way these guys do, the Wild would never win a game. If the Wild are indeed the model franchise of the league, they have do something with their TV broadcast team to be worthy of that reputation.

c097772Apr. 18, 08 8:10 AM

I have been thinking the same thing. It wouldn't be so bad if it happened once in awhile on the really bad calls but they complain every time a Wild player gets hit or takes a penalty. They sound like some of the fans who have no idea what the game is about! The problem is, we can say what we want here but will they get the message and change? I doubt it.

veegezApr. 18, 08 8:33 AM

Teerhar complained about a hand pass called against the Wild that was......a hand pass. "You gotta be kidding." He says. No. It happens in hockey. Believe it and stop whining Dan.

WesternStarApr. 18, 08 8:36 AM

...those Wild fans on the Russo's Rants Wild blog (available via call Terhaar and Greenlay 'Dumb and Dumber'. Dan: This is not Cooper High School games you're announcing. This is a professional hockey team you work for. Stop cracking your voice and calm down. Mike: What kind of cheese would you like with that whine? Overstating the obvious again and again doesn't get one very far, sir. Did you take a few too many in the head as a minor-league goalie? The Wild have the best-run organization in sports. Too bad it doesn't extend to their television broadcasts. A little advice: We supporters know the Wild will overhaul their playing roster this summer. Overhaul your television announcing roster, too.


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