Met Council head is in a political bind

  • Article by: MIKE KASZUBA , Star Tribune
  • Updated: April 18, 2008 - 12:17 AM

Chairman Peter Bell is catching heat as he juggles serving as an appointee of a governor who puts controlling spending ahead of mass transit projects.

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Average_JoeApr. 17, 08 8:47 PM

What arrogance! How dare he ABUSE his position to call in a political appointee of a Governor, as a nothing state senator, and personally attack him with comments such as he's "was not succeeding" in his job. Shame on you Scott Dibble. Bell didn't veto the bill, he advocated for it. You got a problem with the Governor, fine. But your outrageous, childish, immature behavior is shameful.

betaband2Apr. 17, 08 8:59 PM

what does scott dibble have to be ashamed of? he is absolutely right in his criticism of peter bell. bell has been pretty spineless in his role as chairman of the met council when it comes to transit projects. just like carol molnau in the transporation commissoner role, peter bell has no independent thought. he just does whatever little timmy pawlenty tells him to do. what a waste of time over the past 6 years since pawlenty has been in office constricting transit projects. the minneapolis metro could be so much futher along with it transit network than it is now. pretty sad how pawlenty has been nothing but a road block to progress. i am glad people with courage like sen. murphy & scott dibble have finally started calling these losers out onto the mat.

MurlzApr. 17, 08 9:05 PM

Pawlenty should be praised for saving the state money on this wasteful project. Perhaps T-Paw finally has come to his senses and he now realizes what a waste of money this project would be. The impact this would have on traffic is negligable at best. We do not need more choo-choo trains in MN. We need to expand the highway system.

MurlzApr. 17, 08 9:14 PM

Ultimately we are looking at, lets say 500 million in state money. 450 from the feds. (We all know it will cost much more than they are telling us right now). Approximately 3% of the population in the twin cities uses public transportation. The Twin Cities has about 3.2 million people. 3% of that is 96,000 people. 500 million divided by 96,000 is $5,208 per rider. That is absurd. That does not count the 10 million or so per year in subsidies the line will require.

pdxtranApr. 17, 0810:30 PM

Under the current system, each new governor appoints his own Metro Council. This means that the Council can conceivably swing back and forth between liberal and conservative in a short, so there's no continuity. An elected Metro Council, with each Councilor representing a district that includes both urban and suburban areas, would have to answer to the voters and would provide continuity over the years.

senoramor82Apr. 17, 0810:36 PM

Give me a break. Expand the highway system? Wouldn't that cost our state millions? Then the upkeep of the highway system, and the continued pollution? The metro is continuing to grow which gives in to reason that ridership would increase. Mass transit is a successful form of transportation that unfortunately for the "critics" is necessary. The longer that we drag our heels the more it's going to cost... plain and simple. Do it now or pay more later, it's a time tested truth. Seems funny to me how good 'ol Pawlenty seems to be preaching fiscal responsibility when his party has seems to be so fiscally careless and irresponsible over the last few years... hmmm? Well I for one don't appreciate his hipocracy.

senoramor82Apr. 17, 0810:39 PM

Choo choo? What are we... 5? I sure hope you are not one of those drivers that would be on our "expanded highway" system.

waverly2783Apr. 17, 0810:44 PM

Jesse's term started the tail spin, McLaughlin, Murphy will make sure we keep that spin going until the tax payers do not have enough money to put a meal on the plate.

jeffkocurApr. 17, 0810:54 PM

More than 77 million rides were taken on metro transit last year. Your numbers would mean that each rider took more than 800 rides each. They also paid for these rides each time, unlike the millions of people who drive the free ways without adding any additional revenue.

a121940Apr. 17, 0810:55 PM

What, do you really expect leadership from the cement heads, oops-Republicans- on any issue that would pull MN out of its slide to mediocrity.


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