Federal health care law: Now it’s full speed ahead

  • Article by: JACKIE CROSBY , Star Tribune
  • Updated: November 11, 2012 - 10:31 PM

Businesses and health insurers are hungry for more direction, but many details haven't been worked out.

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okbruceNov. 11, 12 9:44 PM

Socialized medicine is a disaster in nations one-third the size of the U.S. This will be an epic failure here, hitherto unknown. And, luckily for us rational folks, the liberals will not be able to blame anyone else.

roymercerNov. 11, 1210:25 PM

This is what happens when Congress passes bills it doesn't read.

pinky1933Nov. 11, 1210:40 PM

WRONG, Okbruce. see the Swiss. effectively same apparatus, barely passed not HUGELY popular. accept and deal!

jpcooperNov. 11, 1210:40 PM

Liberals how come your not demanding details?

mdachsNov. 11, 1210:52 PM

Great News! Full speed ahead to budgetary disaster with Obamacare!!!

crystalbayNov. 11, 1210:57 PM

This is so far from "socialized medicine" that it's laughable. Seriously. This is nothing more than a health insurance bill meant to create access to health care. Socialized would be the VA system, where actual medical care is government-run. ACA deals exclusively with free market/private insurance providers and makes demands on the basic coverage they provide. The exchanges are not "government-run" either. ACA requires that no one be denied due to pre-existing, that there be no lifetime caps, that several preventive services be cost-free, and that insurance companies spend no more than 20% of their profits on administration, marketing, and advertising. In other words, by law they must spend 80% of every premium dollar on medical care. They're charged with reimbursing subscribers if they exceed this and have already paid MN subscribers 9 million for doing so. You're dead wrong saying that similar systems in other countries are failing. We are the ONLY developed nation on the globe that doesn't have some form of nationalize/universal health care for its citizens. We spend twice as much and get much worse results.

sfod93Nov. 11, 1211:01 PM

Can't wait to read all the whining when the no insurance penalty kicks in. Just like the new stadium seat surcharge.

sfod93Nov. 11, 1211:03 PM

You are wrong okbruce... they will find a way to blame Bush, and the followers will believe it.

scottann22Nov. 11, 1211:30 PM

What a mess we are in. Already dozens of businesses plan to cut back their workers to 28 hour work weeks to avoid this mandate. Thousands of workers are getting hire in Washington, from the IRS, to health care exchange folks! 70 million to MN! In Fed money?!?! Doctors plan to retire sooner by the thousands, so many others will refuse to see Medicare patients because of the pitiful reimbursement. Would you take your combine to harvest corn on government land at 20 an acre when other folks paid you 35 dollars an acre? Of course not. Hospitals will close. This will not happen overnight, but the businesses are already setting the shorter work weeks in motion. Thanks for ramming this atrocious partisan bill through on Christmas Eve. Edina could provide a package for health for its people, small countries can too, but not our country with 380 million and all the inherent problems. Clinton had it right with Gingrich and Bush. Let businesses group and buy across state lines. The market will always provide the better answer, much more efficiently.

kindaliberalNov. 11, 1211:49 PM

Ken Wilmes, owner of Industrial Fabrication Services in Lake Crystal, Minn., is no fan of the law and sees nothing but trouble ahead.----Denial is a powerful force. Business owners crying about premiums going up seem to be oblivious to the FACT about how much premiums were going up prior to OBAMACARE. We still have the same arguments against the ACA even though the issue is settled. It's the law, it's constitutional, now deal with it. If the GOP legislature had done their job the last two years, or at least started working on it after the Supreme Court ruled it constitutional, we wouldn't be so far behind. We have a democracy. Those elected get to make the rules. If you participate maybe your ideas to improve things get heard. If you whine and stamp your feet you get ignored. As far as OBAMACARE goes it's over. It's here and it's here to stay. Work to improve the things that don't work. Keep what does.


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