Republicans begin their soul-searching

  • Article by: KEVIN SACK and SARAH WHEATON , New York Times
  • Updated: November 11, 2012 - 8:16 PM

Struggle is between a desire to re-brand and a desire for ideological purity.

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josephmNov. 11, 12 8:33 PM

The republicans will never win the minority vote if they tell them what they want to hear but not believe in the words that they speak. People know when they are being lied to. Obama is true to his word when he says he is working for the people in the middle and below. Peace!

jastkeNov. 11, 12 8:41 PM

The far right's unwillingness to compromise isn't limited to dealings with Democrats. If this faction continues to press its fundamentalist Christian political stance on the Repubican Party they will wind up with a smaller minority with each passing election.

pitythefoolsNov. 11, 12 8:45 PM

The Republicans lost hugely in 2008 and held summits to determine how they could become relevant again. Their conclusion? Fight everything the Dems proposed. Make Obama a one-term President. We know how that worked out. They need to revisit their entire platform. The platform that Americans reject. Inclusiveness, compromise, fiscal rather than social agenda, wealth disparity returning to its historical norms, balancing personal and business taxes and on and on. If they stick with the party line, without searching their souls for what is best for America and not their wealthy 1%'ers, they are done in 2014, just as they should have been done in 2010. The voters won't make that mistake twice.

upnorth85Nov. 11, 12 9:23 PM

They lost the women vote due to their fixation on restricting abortion and access to contraception. They lost the Hispanic vote due to their demonizing immigrants. 75% of Asians voted Democrat because Asians though fiscally conservative are socially liberal. The Democrats for the same reason win the Jewish vote. It is thus flawed to think that Democratic supporters are those on government handouts. The states that vote heavily democrat are in fact states that transfer wealth to the poorer states. (CA, WA, NY, MN, MA etc) transfer wealth to heavily Republican states such as - MS, AL etc. If Republicans really stand for small government they should stop using the government to legislate Evangelical Christian morals down the throats of the rest of the nation.

alaskanredNov. 11, 1210:18 PM

The ideology is flawed and they rely on lies to make up for short comings in their illogical arguments. More and more white people will get over the racial hang ups that made them vote for Romney and McCain over the better candidate, Obama. Even if they don't, they will stop voting altogether when they realize they can't win and start to notice that the Republicans aren't even reasonable in their opposition.

crystalbayNov. 11, 1211:25 PM

There seems to be a complete absence of right wing comments on this thread - could it be that they've run out of steam for defending an ideology that was developmentally-arrested in the 1950s. Conservatives have great difficulty with changing times, whether that's demographics, gay marriage, health care reform, or climate change. In fact, since the aberration of 2010, they've even made the mistake of trying to repeal women's rights and suppress voting. It's been a powerful little group behaving more like fascists than congressmen who in no went to WA to govern but to obstruct the recovery. This election clearly sent a message to the GOP: join the 21st century or grow even more obsolete and irrelevant. On billion dollars, vote-suppression, and 98% negative ads simply could not sell the American people a product - platform & candidates- which was defective.

lonstarNov. 11, 1211:46 PM

Go back to being a conservative party - conservative with money (including both domestic programs and Pentagon/Homeland Security spending), conservative with legislation (maybe a line item veto and simple majority for cloture?), conservative with ideology, conservative with power projection (whether law enforcement, legislating moral choices foreign adventures). Purge yourself of the acquired integrity deficiency syndrome the zealots have infected you with and go back to offering a choice to -be conservative-.

potter101Nov. 12, 1212:34 AM

It's just not that complicated, they offered buckets full of hate and a massive list to blame everything on but they were really bad at counting, they got way past attacking 50 % of the people, so who do you expect them to vote for.

potter101Nov. 12, 1212:43 AM

Consider this, they operate completely for what, 3% of the population at most, so they have to come up with positions that they probably don't believe in but they are smart enough to know that 3% of the population can't get them into office. So it's attack and blame on every possible person or thing that they can find other people to hate also ,in the process getting more votes. But selling that hate is not going to make it anymore. The tea party brought it out with a bang and the regressives think that that is thew way. I say it isn't but until they become republicans again , they operate definitely against the better interest of this country.

potter101Nov. 12, 1212:44 AM

They went after everyone until there wasn't enough people to vote for them.


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