Info emerges about Florida woman who received emails from Petraeus' paramour

  • Article by: ANNE FLAHERTY, KIMBERLY DOZIER and ADAM GOLDMAN , Associated Press
  • Updated: November 12, 2012 - 6:28 AM
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dfjungNov. 11, 12 8:57 AM

Didn't we have a president by the name of Bill Clinton do about the same thing? Seems like a double standard here.

tainojrNov. 11, 12 9:32 AM

A very important aspect that should not be ovelooked: How come the email account of the head of the CIA was hacked into easily and subsequently used to send emails to others? Someone is not doing his/her job protecting sensitive information.

jessy03Nov. 11, 1210:00 AM

Didn't we have a speaker of the House by the name of Newt Gingrich (who didn't get caught) do about the same thing and at the same time have the gall to persecute Bill Clinton?

littlelizardNov. 11, 1210:10 AM the story. It never said his emails were hacked. The lady Broadmor emailed reported it to the FBI. Then the FBI resd Broadmores emails, thats how the found out about the Directer. No one hacked anything.

bluedevil101Nov. 11, 1210:12 AM

The Democrats believed Petraeus to be a liar during the Iraq war. I found the entire thing hard to believe that Obama and Clinton who were among those who called Petraeus a liar would have him in their government. Glad he's gone.

littlelizardNov. 11, 1210:13 AM

Sorry..her name is Broadwell, not Broadmor, my mistake.

rvjesseNov. 11, 1210:19 AM

We all know there is more coming on this.

fullmoon1102Nov. 11, 1210:34 AM

That Petraeus had an affair is inexusable. However, the timing of his resignation and that he is about to testify regarding the September 11th, 2012 terrorist attacks seems a little suspect.

rjr2205Nov. 11, 1211:20 AM

I would like to see the Republicans as excited to deal with issues of jobs, the national debt, tax reform, medicare & medicaid, etc! Of course it is obvious that the Repubs want to use the Petraeus matter to "make Obama a one term president"! Oh that's right, that ship already sailed!!! The American people have spoken and Obama is our President now and for 4 more years!!

deathwhistleNov. 11, 1211:24 AM

Wonder how the FBI got David Petraeus’ e-mail? Google gave it to them. That’s right: the e-mails in question were from Petraeus’ G-mail account. All the government had to do was ask Google for access, and Google gave it to them. You see, Google and the government have an explicit agreement: the government allows Google to do whatever it wants, and Google gives the government unfettered access to its permanent personal dossier on you, which includes a permanent record of every e-mail you've ever sent or received using G-mail, including every e-mail you think you have deleted (no other e-mail provider does this). Other bits of information included in Google’s permanent personal dossier on you is a permanent record of every Google search you've ever made (no other search engine does this), and a permanent record of everywhere you go, and everything you do, while using Chrome, Nexus, Android, Google Drive, Google Play, Google Wallet, Google Maps, Google Earth, Google Voice, Google News, Google Shopping, and Google + -- all this information about you wonderfully consolidated into a permanent single file. And this is just the information we KNOW that Google has and continues to collect; who knows what else Google knows and keeps in your dossier? Ditch all-things-Google. Petraeus wishes he did, but it’s too late for him.


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