Zac Brown’s hat act wears thin

  • Article by: CHRIS RIEMENSCHNEIDER , Star Tribune
  • Updated: November 11, 2012 - 9:43 AM

Saturday’s sold-out Target Center gig was laden with cover songs and songs that sounded like covers.

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lakneeNov. 11, 1212:38 AM

ARRey sez: Cute review.

marv62Nov. 11, 12 5:28 AM

Wow!!! The writer of this article must have been at a different concert. ZBB did play some songs from other musicians as do most other musicians when they come to town. ZBB did also play their original music as well which as always the band knocked them out of the park. The part the writer fails to recognize is how talented the band is. Musically and vocally ZBB is second none. The crowd of 14000 sure as hell recognized it, they loved every minute of ZBB's performance. There you have Strib an unbiased critique of Zac Brown Bands performance last night!!

zoopupNov. 11, 12 8:06 AM

I suggest the writer watch CBS Sunday Morning to learn more about ZBB. It's on this morning. This was a poorly written review by someone who didn't know the band or their music they were reviewing,

oxboardNov. 11, 12 8:27 AM

the first song they came out with was as close to "country" as they have every gotten. None of these present crop of singers and bands are "country" anymore, Since allen jackson and Straight have pretty much left the secne, all thats left is cookie cutter guys in basball caps women with more cleavage and bubbly guy songs. nope none of them are country, its all pop and rock. to bad.

waterdogzNov. 11, 12 8:58 AM

Every time a reviewer gives a so-so review, some big fan has to say, "You must've been at a different concert!" Literally. If you believed all the comments, no concert ever held in town has ever been less than the best ever.

bandit228Nov. 11, 1210:09 AM

So the reviewer is complaining that the band wasn't generically "country" enough? Sorry, man, that they don't fit neatly in the box you want them to.

jl3ziptyNov. 11, 1211:38 AM

If you want real country, something old school, catch the Cactus Blossoms.

The new big venue country stars sound like KDWB acts. Now, I don't mind KDWB, but that's not country.

noejoyNov. 11, 1212:34 PM

The concert was fabulous. I dont go to hear the singer talk between songs, I go to hear him sing and play a mean guitar!

cmg9765Nov. 11, 12 1:30 PM

Completely agree with marv62. Reviewer was obviously there with his cowboy hat and boots on and disappointed he didn't hear traditional country music. ZBB is very talented musically. I didn't really want to hear them talk all night and why wouldn't we expect to thank their sponsors??? Obviously they were there to sing and entertain which they did.

albundy74Nov. 11, 12 4:34 PM

Can you censor this any more? I equate a bad review with a previous bad review by Jon Bream and that's too outrageous to be seen in the Strib blog? Wow. I see you're really making that journalism degree pay off.


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