Vikings fans may face seat licenses to help pay stadium costs

  • Article by: RICHARD MERYHEW , Star Tribune
  • Updated: November 12, 2012 - 6:54 AM
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nogophersNov. 10, 1210:05 PM

Those who use the facility should pay. Time to relieve the taxpayers and charge a user fee.

averagejoe55Nov. 10, 1210:06 PM

I'm shocked - SHOCKED - that the Viking's are thinking of making their best fans help pay the cost of the new stadium. Must be the trickle up theory.

gopher68Nov. 10, 1210:12 PM

I don't think that the stadium legislation explicitly prohibited the Vikings from doing something like this to raise their share of the construction costs, but if they charge anything more than a nominal amount like say, the $500-$750 the Gophers charged, this 15-year holder will be gone faster than Percy Harvin hitting a seam on a kickoff return. I love the Vikings, but not enough to part with thousands of dollars just to have the right to buy tickets (which will also cost me more than they do now). I suppose if this were Green Bay and this was the only thing I had to look forward to all year, I'd do it. But it's not -- I have lots of other things I should be spending money on. Like retirement. Kids' college tuition. And so on.

Swede700Nov. 10, 1210:18 PM

If you can afford tickets at the 50-yd line, you aren't the "average" fan.

footballubetNov. 10, 1210:28 PM

Argg! I told you and I told you they were going to do this, but nobody listened to me. I TOLD YOU! Oh wait, I just watch on TV. I still have excellent seats and I can use my 20 grand to buy a new car. Never mind.

bluedevil101Nov. 10, 1210:35 PM

What's the matter Vikings fans-they told you ahead of time this was coming. If you didn't believe it you were very naive. I'd say get ready to pay up! Enjoy the games-you demanded and threatened the entire state over this issue-you better pay the fees...after all, I remember many saying this Sunday ritual was important to many Minnesotans. If you don't pay, the games won't be on TV--then what will people do??? It's on the fans--PAY THE BILL!

jbpaperNov. 10, 1210:45 PM

What this article doesn't say is that in a lot of other cities you get the money back, with NO interest, when/if you give up your seats. It would be nice to know if that is what would happen here. I still wouldn't pay more than about $1000 but it wouldn't be quite as bad if that was the case.

duckofdeathNov. 10, 1210:51 PM

Theres one major flaw with this plan, and thats the fact that these are the Vikings, not the Packers, Cowboys, or Redskins. Those teams sell licenses because there is high demand for those tickets, with lengthy waitlists for the opportunity to buy them if current season ticketholders don't pay up. The Vikings don't have a waitlist. Their consecutive sellout streak is artificial, with numerous sales extensions granted by the NFL and many bulk corporate buyouts so the game doesn't get blacked out on tv. If you can't sellout the stadium under the current conditions, what makes them think they can charge thousands more and sellout?

drudgemonkeyNov. 10, 1210:52 PM

Every team does it, including the Packers. $2000 per seat in GB. Pay up, Vikings fans!!

mlarsenmplsNov. 10, 1210:52 PM

The fans should flip the entire cost of the stadium. Why should the people who don't want the stadium pay for it. And I thought we were going to raise enough with electronic pulltabs. If you believe that one I have a bridge in Brooklyn for sale.


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