Anderson: Deer management system leads to big bluffland bucks

  • Article by: DENNIS ANDERSON , Star Tribune
  • Updated: November 10, 2012 - 11:13 PM

A system known as Antler Point Restrictions is in place in southeast Minnesota. The results: Bigger antlers and more satisfied hunters.

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freedumb86Nov. 11, 1212:15 AM

This is just more Government Regulation and Taxation. No Thanks!

duckhunter97Nov. 11, 12 7:06 AM

Dennis, Thanks for pointing this out for all to see. I hunt SE MN and the amount of bigger bucks we saw this year was quite amazing. The buck harvest will now be at pre APR numbers or even better going forward because there are just more bucks in the herd. I do some hunting in Whitewater and there the results are awesome, that was a place if it was brown its down, now that mentality has changed and little bucks are giving another year to grow.

njsimonsonNov. 11, 12 7:23 AM

Dennis - Another great article in a series. Is there anyone out there who argues against APR? Especially with the youth carve out? This needs to be expanded across all of southern MN, where big bucks can grow. Leave it below the slug-hunting line; I know those northern deer don't grow nearly as fast as bucks down here, so that's fine.

Don9539Nov. 11, 12 8:57 AM

Antler point counting is not possible in many situations. It is much easier to see if there are or not antlers on the deer. Some of those 8 point racks are smaller and only when the deer is down do you realize it is an 8 pointer. Where I hunt every buck I have shot has been on the move. I have never been able to determine point count before I shot. And often there are only a few seconds of opportunity to take a shot as the deer moves in and out of view. This idea is fine for those who hunt good spots where multiple opportunities are the norm. I would pass on a buck if I knew there were does sure to come along later. That is not so for me, I have been out 4 times this year and still do not have a deer. So I will continue to oppose this management method.

chavistaNov. 11, 1210:47 AM

I know this will never happen, but growing up in Mankato, I always considered southern Minnesota as the perfect bowing hunting section of the state. In my mind, deer hunting with a gun (rifle) started north of Hinckley. It's only a fantasy, but it would be great to divide the state by bow and gun.

rkn55811Nov. 11, 12 5:49 PM

In recent years I have taken to the habit of engaging an attorney to hunt with me. He sits in a stand a few yards away and we have a signal system for "Take a Shot" or "Do not shoot." It has worked pretty well so far.

tmbrcruiserNov. 12, 12 8:19 AM

First of all I'm glad to hear that some deer hunters have worked together to accomplish something, that part is laudable. But there are two main reasons I don't like this kind of regulation; Chavistas post illustrates the first perfectly - If you would legislate matters of opinion, how long will it be before someone advocates outlawing your viewpoint. The second is these comments that someone else will shoot the deer you passed up. Owning forty acres and having deer on trail cams does not make them "your" deer. It's the "my" deer aspect that leads to the dark side of the passion we feel for our deer hunting. Not a year goes by that we don't have several incidents of conflict between deer hunters. Last year, my county sentenced a hunter to 4 years in prison for a fatal altercation over a deer stand. If this thing is working for you guys and you have sufficient buy in - great, but then you shouldn't need enforcement. Next time you meet another hunter in the woods ask yourself this; If I met this guy at a party we would have alot in common. Why should I feel he's the enemy because he's hunting in my area?

chavistaNov. 12, 12 5:04 PM

I didn't post to upset anyone. However, as I stated I grew up in Mankato hunting ducks and geese on Swan lake and in the Minnesota river bottoms. I also started hunting deer in 1957 with a rifle in northern Minnesota and bow hunted every year around St. Peter mainly where my parents owned 10 acres of woods. It was just natural to bow hunt there and rifle hunt in northern Minnesota. I don't disagree that people have the right to hunt deer with a shotgun in southern Minnesota, but it has always seemed so unnatural to me, I prefer hunting with a rifle. I've also loved bow hunting in southern Minnesota where the trees seem to be much bigger and the woods "cleaner" without all the brush of northern Minnesota.

huntstealthyNov. 12, 12 8:35 PM

Finally, a small glimmer of hope for deer hunting in this state. The DNR is starting to dabble in deer management to which surrounding states have long proven effective for quality deer. Namely, lengthening the season to allow "hunter selectivity" to occur, rather than the traditional brown is down; and to eliminate party hunting. Could never understand that a MN hunter is issued a single tag, but treat the hunt as one would a pheasant hunt: shoot to kill, then decide how many tags are left to fill.

tmbrcruiserNov. 13, 12 8:28 AM

Chavista, I hope you didn't think I was upset by your comment. I merely felt that is was a perfect example that there are innumerable reasons why people hunt and definitions of what makes a quality hunt. I don't mind seasons when there are no doe permits, because that is a scientific determination. Dictating what makes a quality hunt is a political matter. It seems to me that hunters are minority enough and dividing us further is not good politics. Each to his own thing, but managing for a herd of older males is not even good science.


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