Hartman: Vikings thankful lucky stars fell

  • Article by: SID HARTMAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: November 10, 2012 - 7:39 PM
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azviking101Nov. 10, 12 9:50 PM

What do the fans or the team have to be thankful for? That we have 2 amazing players on a team that constantly under performs. Our coaching sucks and most of us realized that Ponder is not the answer and that we have wasted another 1st round draft pick. Tell me why I should be thankful that we lose every year?

footballubetNov. 10, 1210:21 PM

You should be thankful that you're not a Lions fan.

comment229Nov. 11, 12 3:36 AM

In all fairness to Nelson yesterday, he didn't have to pass the ball and how bad was the wind? When was the last time you saw a kid kick off with it like the Illinois kicker did, and put it way beyond the end zone. Add to that at least one pass that was dropped, probably two, and the kid did complete passes in the clutch. I hope they win one or two more, so they can go to a bowl game with some prestige.

tjtwinsfanNov. 11, 12 5:57 AM

Big deal a bowl game for the gophers.....there are so many bowls now days and the gophers will never make the Rose Bowl. Michigan Ohio State, Penn State, Wisconsin and now Nebraska will always be the teams that make the major bowl games. The state was stupid in spending millions on a stadium for a team that will never be a top ten team in the country. The state should have only built one mega stadium that suited all three teams the Twins the Vikings and the Gophers.

tjtwinsfanNov. 11, 12 6:01 AM

We all knew that Ponder was a no name Qb coming out of college, none of the draft experts thought Ponder was a franchise type of Qb but him not having any receivers makes it worse. Aaron Rodgers even struggles alot when 2 of his 5 good wide receivers are out. Imagine how many times he would be sacked or have to run for his life if he had our receiving corp.

tjtwinsfanNov. 11, 12 6:15 AM

The Wolves for years picked stupid players number one. Remember Ebi Nubie with their number 1 draft pick or what ever the kids name was. He never made it off the bench. No one and I mean no one even heard of that guy when drafted. If teams such as the Vikings, Wolves make bonehead number 1 draft picks like that it sets them back another year or 2 in rebuilding. You don't win with quantity you win with quality players. Troy Williamson was a huge bust, as was Demetrius Underwood, Alexander, Udeze although it wasn't Udezes fault cancer cut short his career. Yes the great fall for most teams is by drafting the wrong players. The only great players the Vikings seem to get is risk players who other team are scared to take because of their track record. Moss was great but always has been a problem child, Harvin was a risk with his migraines and his risk of marijuana use. Who will be the next year no.1 pick the Vikings pick I hope it isn't another bust. It will probably be another player some team passes on.

realtybitesNov. 11, 12 6:26 AM

We have the best running back in football since 2007 and haven't even posted a .500 record. Should prove once and for all you don't win in this league unless you have a dominant passing attack. Frazer, Spielman, and Zigmond still have no clue on what it takes to win......

tjtwinsfanNov. 11, 12 6:38 AM

If all you have is a running game and no passing game you better hope it is a low scoring game. Because a running game usually means lower scoring games. Yes it is a pass happy league now and it is all about scoring now days, fans love high scoring games, just as in baseball , baseball lower the pitching mound back in the 70s because the pitching was dominating the game and people got bored watching 1-0 games. Then steroids took over years later and home runs galore started. People love offense who doesn't? Too bad people had to take steroids. I still believe football players have to still be taking them, how do you get players so huge? Yes it is a pass happy league but this is the thing, we have a superstar running back in Peterson as we did in Robert Smith the 98 team was so dominate that having 3 great wide recievers to go along with Smith made just about any Qb we played great. Cunningham was pretty washed up until he came and played with the great receivers and a great running back right? Well if we go out and get 2 more great recievers via free agency and draft and if Peterson makes it through till next year Ponder may be Ok. Give the kid a chance to have some recievers then make you assessment.

tjtwinsfanNov. 11, 12 6:46 AM

Which bowl game will be offered to the Gophers? Will it be the Ivory Soap Bowl. There are so many to choose from.

ddellwoNov. 11, 12 8:04 AM

If Ponder shows nothing the rest of this season, the Vikings will need to take some bold moves. Part of this might include trading a guy like Peterson for a bevy of low-round draft picks. While AP has been great, being the best player on the last-place team in the NFC North serves neither Adrian nor the Vikings very well over the next few years. Time to "man-up", Ponder......!!!!


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