Editorial: DFL needs GOP on state bonding

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  • Updated: November 11, 2012 - 5:28 PM

It takes a 60 percent vote in House, Senate to invest in state.

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jjsbrwNov. 11, 12 6:02 PM

I don't feel either party is in a position to overplay their hand. Please, oh please, oh pretty please, work on the bills that make sense, close the budget gap responsibly, pay back the schools, and create jobs. All the childish nonsense has to stop. We can accept that the DFL wants MN to be a high tax, high service, high education levels, high standard of living state. We can accept that the GOP wants to a lower tax, less regulation, smaller scope of gov't MN. We get that. There is room for both sides to have their say, their input. Nobody gets everything they want. Just avoid the nonsense and get your jobs done.

bluedevil101Nov. 11, 12 6:04 PM

I'm going to contact me DFL legislator about not approving any of these projects. It's not up to government to spend on this stuff. No wonder we've got debt in this country--spending on everyone's pet projects, including stadiums.

elmore1Nov. 11, 12 6:46 PM

We talk a lot about spending on education. Let's spend it wisely. Mn college costs have gone skyhigh and while I see the state colleges doing some cost cutting the U of M has done nothing. Let's make sure that we are getting value for the money spent. Surely there are opportunities to manage our education dollars better. It isn't fair to put this burden on middle class students or the taxpayers. We need major reform in the education system prior to giving them more money.

don50Nov. 11, 12 6:58 PM

Another rail line. Are you kidding? The two we have right now are losing buckets of money. We cant afford another rail line. Dems are anxious to spend money but lets get real...

goferfanzNov. 11, 12 8:01 PM

Yes, the GOP will want to play sooo nice after Gov Dayton shut down the govt to cast the GOP in the worst possible election posture--> while he didnt have to face the same voters. Not happening.......

F4GIBNov. 11, 12 8:45 PM

Thank God for the 60% rule. I hope the Republicans make the DFL pay dearly for every one of those 8 votes. None of the projects the Editorial mentions are "necessary." They are all just more dollars down the drain of government spending.

upnorth85Nov. 11, 12 9:02 PM

I would like to see the Northstar line extended to St. Cloud. Another lane should be added to I-94 from Rogers to Monticello. We need to extend the 3 lane from Plymouth to 494-694 junction in the northwest. There are many investments that will help remove the travel grid and save time of citizens who are free to do other things than sit in stationary cars on the freeway during peak hour.

kindaliberalNov. 12, 1212:14 AM

Pretty simple. Fund the projects that make sense. The GOP should object to the nice to haves vs the need to haves. So should the dems. Anyway, to get the GOP to play ball you merely say,"Here's what were going to do if you aren't willing to compromise. I hope the adults win.

jimmyb007Nov. 12, 12 6:24 AM

There was an earlier article in the Strib showing that it cost $130,000/rider for the Northstar line.....Yep this makes a ton of sense. Please remember, these are all great ideas, but who is going to pay for this?

roymercerNov. 12, 12 7:25 AM

Califrnia has endured a two-decade-long process in which the nation’s most populous state, once a prosperous industrial and high-tech powerhouse and magnet for immigrants from elsewhere in the country, has transformed itself into something else: a high-tax, high-spending, highly regulated, and chronically broke welfare state that is fast losing to out-migration both its middle class and the businesses and industries that create jobs. LEARN FROM THIS, MINNESOTANS!


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