Lewis: Voter ID foes fought dirty to get a win

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  • Updated: November 10, 2012 - 5:12 PM

Big outside money and big lies -- that's the only way they could do it

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kd5757Nov. 10, 12 5:32 PM

LOL....If anyone knows about lying it's Jason Lewis. He ranks up there with the best of them. Time to move on Jason. The people have spoken.

adliblogNov. 10, 12 5:47 PM

Big outside money and big lies -- that's the only way they could do it *** If that's the lesson you wish to draw from this election Jason then that's your problem. But if what you ostensibly believe is true than Willard Romney would now be President elect.

norselandcNov. 10, 12 5:55 PM

Thank you for publishing this precious bit of whining from one of the biggest proponents of big money and lies ever to grace the Minnesota airwaves. Lewis had to dig pretty deep for anything resembling a lie from his opposition, but he did not begin to run down the litany of lies told by the proponents of voter ID. Thank you, Minnesota, for standing up to bullies and lackeys for the rich like Jason Lewis and adding to the huge victory for progressives last Tuesday!

sek2undrstndNov. 10, 12 6:20 PM

Still wondering why former Gov. Pawlenty vetoed the bipartisan legislation which would have prevented felons from voting before they were legally able? Lewis? Lewis?

sambisselNov. 10, 12 6:23 PM

Why bother with polemics from Lewis, Kersten, Krauthammer, et al? To give the illusion that you are providing balanced coverage? There are facts and there are lies. As journalists I assume you are adept at uncovering them both. Why not dedicate your column inches to that as opposed to baseless screeds that would shrivel to dust under even the most basic peer review

sek2undrstndNov. 10, 12 6:25 PM

The Big Lie: Everyone needs to be scared and fearful of something that doesn't exist. Kind of like little kids scared of ghosts, monsters and the boogeyman. Therefore, we need to implement draconian measures which would, according to a former Reagan adviser, prevent Democrats from voting. Why? Because as he later went on to add, "we don't want all Democrats to vote. Our leverage in elections goes up when the number of voters goes down." After this last election, I can see why.

snoozebuttonNov. 10, 12 6:27 PM

You're not correct when you claim that military IDs would be sufficient. Minnesota Senate File #509, the law that Dayton vetoed which was replaced by this amendment, does NOT allow use of military IDs or even passports. I believe that this is because these do not include your home address. This was why Pennsylvania suspended their Voter ID rule this year: lots of veterans discovered that they weren't going to be allowed to vote, and their state wasn't going to be able to get them state ID cards in time.

minnpatNov. 10, 12 6:29 PM

If requiring a photo state-issued ID is such a good idea, then pass a law to require it. Amending the state constitution makes it costly and difficult to change the requirement in the future. A law would be debateded, tweeked, and a decision made on funding while it's still being discussed in the legislature.

elmore1Nov. 10, 12 6:44 PM

Totally agree. The so called "progressives" were regressive on this issue. Minnesota is in the stone age relating to simple, modern voting processes. The amount of effort put towards defeating this has me and a lot of other Minnesotans wondering if they have somethng to hide....

getcrazyNov. 10, 12 6:49 PM

The reason the voter id amendment failed is because the majority of voters recognize that the GOP was yet again using fear mongering in a futile attempt to remove legitimate voters from having their one vote count. This was never about "illegal votes". This was part of a heaping pile of garbage legislation on the part of the GOP since they took control. The reason that Dayton gave it the veto in the first place was the lack of a plan to implement voter id and also not having any clear definitions to what the law actually meant. The GOP needs to hear loud and clear that the hard working, tax paying people of Minnesota are not happy that they wasted an entire legislative session on our tax dollars. Next time they decide to try and push legislation that wont pass they should let the people of Minnesota know so we can lay them off for the session, turn the heat off at the capital and save the taxpaying voters some money. The last session was just throwing money down a hole and we don't like that happening to our hard earned money. Maybe if the GOP had pushed for higher taxes for the most wealthy instead of continuing to take it our of the hard working middle class tax payers kitty for food and clothing for their children we'd be in a different place right now. But no, it doesn't benefit them on the campaign trail with campaign funds nor does it help with future prospects for high paying jobs in the private sector after they leave 'public service' for the help they gave the wealthy at the expense of the hard working, tax paying middle class who take one legal vote during elections that are not infested with this supposed "voter fraud".


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