How Obama can heal election rift with business

  • Article by: Jonathan Alter , Bloomberg News
  • Updated: November 9, 2012 - 11:33 AM

But for its part, business must stop acting whiny and petulant about the president.

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minn12Nov. 9, 1211:48 AM

A president who basically hates big businesses and successful exectives has been foolishly re-elected. No amount of spin like this story is going to change the fact that this is a disaster for hopes of an economic recovery. Businesses are already laying people off and NOT hiring due to the huge albatross of Obamacare that's coming, not to mention the promise of more crippling taxes and regulations on businesses. I guess after this election, it's going to take an economic crash for people to wake up and elect a president who understands how to save an economy. I fear it's already too late.

firefight41Nov. 9, 1212:06 PM

Presidents’ second terms often turn out to be failures in domestic policy, largely because lame ducks are almost by definition political figures of the past. *********** With this statement I can honestly say Obama is going to make the best lame duck president we have seen.

CRadlinskiNov. 9, 1212:15 PM

@minn12: What nonsense. We heard all of this "the end is nigh" garbage when Clinton was reelected in '96, but the economy boomed. Layoffs due to the election result are nothing but sour grapes--petty conservatives taking their anger out on innocent people. The economy is creating jobs and things are getting better.

swmnguyNov. 9, 1212:19 PM

America needs Obama to change the tax code to encourage businesses to hire Americans and pay them more. He needs to get the anvil of health insurance costs off of employers' backs. He needs to pursue policies to fix Finance not by printing money out of thin air to buy worthless mortgage bonds ($13 Trillion and counting, so far, with $80 billion a month promised into eternity), but by getting more spendable income into the pockets of people who work for a living. Then more people will pay more taxes, which will fix Medicare and Social Security, allow people to pay their bills and get off of Food Stamps, and buy down the mountain of household debt, which is 5 times the National debt and by far the larger fiscal problem the nation faces.

If businesses don't understand that they will fail if they don't have any customers with money to spend, that's troubling. But then our political leaders have to show them. Letting business go on the same way it has, which has gotten us to where we find ourselves today, is a recipe for disaster. We're a market economy, driven by consumer spending. Austerity cuts a hole in the pocket of those who would spend, and they happen to be the employees of businesses. It isn't rocket science, but it does force limits on the short-term gains of the elites, so they will say and do anything to prevent sensible measures.

roymercerNov. 9, 1212:23 PM

Who says Obama wants to repair the rift? He's made a career of hating industry. This story is built on a false premise.

EviNov. 9, 1212:26 PM

the people need to be supported, and business especially big corporate entities (who are not people) need to take some cuts at the top of their overbloated ladders. Business did not help Obama get elected, consumers did. extrapolate.

akwardprezNov. 9, 1212:49 PM

Obama does not fit the defintion of a "Lame Duck" president but even so he is pretty dissapointing.

elmore1Nov. 9, 12 1:01 PM

Obama has shown nothing but contempt for business through his first 4 years. He needs to grow up, walk across the aisle and work towards win/win. Big govt didn't make America great

supervon2Nov. 9, 12 1:05 PM

The Obama solution is simple. Put everybody out of business and have government take everything over. it has worked so well in other countries that he sees no problem in doing it here. The local newspapers will just become government employees and everybody will recieve only ONE newspaper with approved stories and MPR will be the only remaining radio station. CNN and NBC will fill the airwaves 24/7 with propaganda. America has such a bright future!

arossNov. 9, 12 1:16 PM

Big business "overwhelmingly supported" the Republican candidate? STOP THE PRESSES! If there's a "rift" it's because "business" has spent the last 30+ years working *against* the American people. Want to heal that rift? Then stop it. Don't force the President to make a choice between business and the people, do business in such a way that those two things are once again compatable.


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