GOP must stop courting angry white men

  • Article by: MELINDA HENNEBERGER , Washington Post
  • Updated: November 9, 2012 - 11:25 AM

Running on white resentment is not a winning strategy, and the next Republican who tries it will lose, too.

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clafaveNov. 9, 1211:37 AM

That's an interesting conclusion. Running on resentment of the wealthy was a pretty big part of Obama's message too. I guess what's good for the goose isn't necessarily good for the gander.

langstonNov. 9, 1212:00 PM

Unfortunately for the Repubs, they'll forget all about this discussion before X-mas and try to sell fear to the white masses all over again.... and that's just fine with us 51% (and growing) electorate.

dagMNNov. 9, 1212:08 PM

"That's an interesting conclusion. Running on resentment of the wealthy was a pretty big part of Obama's message too. I guess what's good for the goose isn't necessarily good for the gander."...go ahead, continue to appeal to only angry old white guys and when you lose again, blame everything but the message...worked great during last election..NOT!!!

swmnguyNov. 9, 1212:11 PM

This has been the Republican strategy since Nixon's Southern Strategy in 1968 and Reagan's embrace of the Evangelicals. They know their primary demographic is shrinking, so they try to shrink the electorate at every turn, which is why you see the Voter ID initiatives, over-zealous "scrubbing" of the voter rolls, and the Florida electoral debacles year after year, in which enormous, confusing ballots are handed to voters in precincts without enough polling places, staff, and functioning equipment in Democratic-leaning areas.

I note today the news features George P. Bush, whose mother is Hispanic, and Sean Hannity saying it's time to lose the nativist rhetoric.

Apparently somebody in the GOP understands demographic trends.

kleindropperNov. 9, 1212:17 PM

Why is open racism now considered perfectly acceptable in articles? I cringe to think what's going to happen to whites in this country when they become a true minority. (ref Zimbabwe)

gearrunrNov. 9, 1212:23 PM

"Oh - and this is important - call those in this country without papers “illegals” every chance you get." - If they are here without papers aren't they here illegally? Oh that's right, throw logic out and appeal to emotion only. Got it. We conservatives know we're doomed, the tipping point has been reached, there are more riding in the cart than pulling, and the seats are soooooooooooo comfortable. The difference is we know you're doomed too.

roymercerNov. 9, 1212:27 PM

Please heed these words written by an angry white liberal woman.

gearrunrNov. 9, 1212:28 PM

When I was in school one of my professors told us that you can't be racist against whites, racism against whites was an impossibility because whites are the majority. I spoke up and said that I thought there were more Muslims in the world and definitely more Asians than whites. I was asked to leave her class.

fursideNov. 9, 1212:35 PM

I am about 60 (I'm old (errrr)) white, Christian, rural, married, working class, gun owner, meat eater, self employed, tax payer, former athlete, hit hard by the trickle down recession of 2008 and a proud member of the Democratic Party. According to the "geniuses" on the right, I do not exist. The difference between me and the angry white men who are misinformed by FOX and Rush; is I read I study history and economics on my own. I can add and I always strive for truth. That is liberating because I do not have to fear differences between myself and others, with regard to ethnicity, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, personal wealth. I also pray to God and have faith in God to judge. God does not pray to me. Class warfare is a classless deflection from the right which the right uses to inoculate themselves from the obvious rigging of the game for the wealthy by their purchased republican senators and representatives. They declared war on us. The baseless fear of minorities is another trick from the right to persuade the dim and fearful that they somehow have more in common with a Mitt Romney because he is old and white rather than a working class black man, Mexican, Indian, Hmong or any other older working person. It aint so. So angry white guys, quit looking for ways to justify your anger and accept that not everyone in the world is as pale as you and those who do not look like you are more than likely not out to get your stuff. If you feel that way maybe it is because that is how you covet their stuff which is on you to work out. Read!

kleindropperNov. 9, 1212:35 PM

Oh and by the way, we aren't angry, we are very fearful. Fearful for our jobs, fearful for our future, fearful for our children's future, fearful for our freedoms, fearful for our continued prosperity and charity, fearful for the survival of our friends in countries like Israel and Poland. You can see already the freefall is happening two days after the results with the massive layoffs and the markets. It will only get worse as a resolution to the fiscal cliff is reached and the debt continues to spiral. Go ahead and keep whistling past the graveyard takers, but your blame game will wear thin eventually.


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