Obama to address economy, 'fiscal cliff' Friday in first postelection remarks

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  • Updated: November 9, 2012 - 10:29 AM
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groover6Nov. 8, 12 5:48 PM

"not expected to put forth a plan" Why not?? You cannot run for President again. Put forth a plan. Make a tough decision! The media will provide you cover.

mnolletteNov. 8, 12 5:54 PM

In his address from the White House East Room, Obama is not expected to put forward a specific plan, What else is new? There has never been a plan for it. The only strategy that came off his desk is re-election by deception.

fyren99Nov. 8, 12 6:24 PM

Let's go over the fiscal cliff. This government must start paying for itself instead of running up huge deficits each year. Everyone should pay taxes, and the loopholes should be closed The Bush tax cuts should not continue. The military is already bloated, and should be cut more. Medicare is a joke we cannot afford, so cut it to the bone. Let's start practicing some fiscal responsibility. Most of all, don't listen to Wall Street - they just want to line their own pockets. I am sick and tired of people asking the government for handouts while we have to borrow all our money from China.

truth365Nov. 8, 12 6:26 PM

Where were the stories of the "fiscal cliff" before the election. Listening to Obama I understood things were getting better. You'd think George Bush would retire from screwing up the world. Can you believe he broke those levies up along the Jersey shore just like he did in the bayou that time? Unreal, we may never recover from the Bush years...unless we crown Barry our King and then live happily ever after.

kleindropperNov. 8, 12 6:30 PM

Barry's address: "Man, I really wanted to be at my house in Hawaii right now, why did you idiots make me come back to this mess?"

zammanNov. 8, 12 6:32 PM

What a shock, the same old talk. How come basic economic is not in place. You tax the people with more money, AKA job creators and product produces and they will turn around and charge more for their products or lay people off. Expected nothing new from our president.

pitythefoolsNov. 8, 12 6:59 PM

The question is, will the Republicans understand that "compromise" does NOT mean "we set the boundaries ahead of time and that's it." They refuse to accept raising taxes, even before negotiations begin. They still don't get it. They need to learn REAL compromise - giving in on something they cherish while the other side does the same - or they disappear in 2014.

wplettfanNov. 8, 12 7:07 PM

He's not putting forth a plan because it is Congress' job to put together a plan that he will sign. Putting out a plan right now would be a bad idea for the President. The party of "no" would call it outrageous and start blaming Obama for the approaching fiscal cliff. Smart move on Obama's part. Politics 101.

tnesleyNov. 8, 12 7:08 PM

If he does not jump into the middle of the negotiation and show some leadership, the deal will not happen. And if this does not happen, forget the sequester and debt limit increase. The economy will go south fast, and he will look for a way to spin it to blame the GOP. sigh

jimmy01675Nov. 8, 12 7:13 PM

They will get a deal done that will essentially just move the problem down the road two years from now, but Obama and boenher will tout it as the greatest thing to ever happen in the history of happening things. Do you honestly think Obama or boenher will let this not get done? It's no different than the debt deal. They didn't do anything, but they held a press conference saying they got it done...well, until the next debt deal. Lmao. We just re elected the same people. We complain about DC all the time and yet we vote the same guys back in.


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