Ponder insists knee, self-esteem both fine

  • Article by: MARK CRAIG and CHRIS MILLER , Star Tribune staff writers
  • Updated: November 8, 2012 - 7:38 AM
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vikesbratNov. 8, 12 6:42 AM

Brian Robison said. "When teams are able to run on you like they were Sunday, it opens up their playbook for pretty much everything. They can play-action pass, they can still run the ball, they can drop back, pretty much anything they want to do...... So why isn't that the case for us.... AP was a freakin beast for us on Sunday but it didn't appear to open up anything for CP....Hmmmmmmmmmm.....Makes you wonder.....

dlzabzNov. 8, 12 9:31 AM

I would have went with bi-lateral leg weakness.

siouxchampNov. 8, 12 9:34 AM

Ponder was drafted because he had great intangibles, smart decision making despite his scouting report said "NOT" a strong or accurate arm. What we found out was, besides Ponder's intangibles everything else was worse than thought. Funny how the second Ponder was drafted the Vikings front office make it clear, they thought Ponder's arm was as strong as anyone's in the draft. Bottom Line-THEY KNEW it was suspect!

zoilovNov. 8, 1210:07 AM

The defense isn't the problem...with the Vikings offense going 3 and out, and only averaging 23 minutes time of possession in the last 4 weeks, it's just a matter of time before the defense is worn out. We all know the vikings need to have a passing game that stretches the field...this is on Ponder, the wide receivers, the o-line, and the play calling...until then, nothing but losses for the balance of the year.

rjr2205Nov. 8, 1211:16 AM

Great post zoilov!! The defense does't have much time to rest or make adjustments due to the "offensive" 3 and outs!! Fraser et al need to figure it out!!

code3gtNov. 8, 1212:23 PM

If you re-watch a few games, you can clearly see where the weakness is on the oline. Johnson and Sullivan are getting man-handled at the line when attempting to pass rush. Sullivan is not sliding to help and his protection calls (somewhat important!) are ususally wrong. I am not a Ponder fan, but when the defender is in your face when you drop back and your WR's are blanketed not much you can do unless your name is Joe Webb.

redqidNov. 8, 12 1:02 PM

Frazier is throwing away his second season in a row. Put Joe Webb in. Webb cannot do any worse than Ponder did last week. Also, if Ponder's confidence cannot take a benching, then he is not an NFL quarterback.

FLUXERFLIXER Nov. 8, 12 1:53 PM

While it seems all NFL teams are getting there franchise QB's the Vikings still have NOTHING even remotely close to that in Ponder. While most every team is moving forward in this area we are taking steps backwards. Ponder is NOT the answer and it is clear for everyone to see! In today's NFL to throw for 60 yards in a game is unheard of, yet Ponder has done it TWICE in three weeks with the best RB in the NFL leading the way. If the Vikings stick with Ponder simply because they picked him at #12 then we are in for some sour grapes! We have already had two horrible years and it now looks like a third one. Either the Vikings get smart and draft a solid QB next year or trade for Ryan Mallet and move forward, or they will continue to sink to the bottom of the NFC north with Ponder. We fans are tired of it. DANG TIRED!

tvzz00Nov. 8, 12 3:15 PM

bench ponder

bredpathNov. 8, 12 5:39 PM

The best part is that during the Seattle game, the announcer kept saying "nobody's open downfield". They immediately cut to Simpson who's got a step or two on his guy. Not wide open, but a decent QB at least attempts that throw.


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