Editorial: New DFL majorities shouldn't overreach

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  • Updated: November 7, 2012 - 6:10 PM

DFL legislators would do well to learn from the GOP's missteps.

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bluedevil101Nov. 7, 12 7:23 PM

It is also worth noting that Republicans were wrong on allowing the stadium bill to be passed. When you preach fiscal sanity and you practice fiscal insanity - you deserve to lose and they did. I am a Republican voter who voted for the Democrat in my House district because my Republican Rep caved on the stadium I'm glad to see so many of these jokers defeated. NOW, we need to target Mr. 1% Mark Dayton in two years. We will not forget.

bluedevil101Nov. 7, 12 7:28 PM

I would like the editorial board who claims Klobuchar is a cross the aisle moderate to list me a few things that Ms. Klobuchar has compromised with Republicans on. I tend to believe that Ms. Klobuchar is a left wing extremist--she has no notable achievements on her record. Again the Minnesota Republican party failed by nominating a completely inept candidate in Kurt Bills. It's an example of how the MNGOP stands for nothing and has no principles at all. Bills is a loser and deserved to lose. The MNGOP should simply disband and allow the pre 1971 "conservative" label to return.

scottyhomerNov. 7, 12 7:30 PM

The DFL didn't win so much as the GOP lost. So those now in office had best remember why all of those who lost got voted out -

Not compromising is at the top of the list. A good politician works for the people who voted for them, and recognizes that his opponent is doing the same. For everyone to succeed there has to be some give and take. More often than not both sides want the same thing, so having the ability to see from the other sides perspective is one way to get there.

As the opinion points out, don't overreach. We don't need our politicians to do lofty things. Minnesota has been around for a while, and change has progressed gradually over time, not in big leaps and bounds. Incremental changes to programs ease the pain of cuts and give people time to adjust. That doesn't mean sitting and doing nothing.

The DFL needs to accept that they have a fiscal responsibility, and not be tied to social programs. Review what we have and start making small changes to correct inefficiencies and redundancies to save money. We don't need new spending, and do need to rethink how we spend now. Learn from the mistakes the Republicans made, and don't tick off half of the state by making sweeping changes.

brotherkennyNov. 7, 12 8:04 PM

The GOP has never been the fiscally responsible party and their lack there off was not the reason they lost. It was their social agenda of intolerance. So if the DFL has a mandate it's probably to work on that aspect of life for Minnesotans, you know, tolerance. Seems pretty obvious really.

lawyerguyNov. 7, 12 8:53 PM

I'm all for moderation and I voted for two losing GOP legislative candidates. However, like Tim Pawlenty said in better days for the GOP "elections have consequences." The DFL and Governor Dayton have laid out a clear agenda. It's one I think is ill advised but one can hardly expect the DFL to substantially alter their policies after capturing control of the legislature. That would be a disservice to voters who placed their faith in the DFL. This means we will face higher taxes,less money for roads, more for mass transit, the return of the money flow from St. Paul to the iron range, and more state tax money to subsidize social spending in the urban core. If you don't like that you shouldn't have voted for a DFL candidate.

melloncollieNov. 7, 1211:08 PM

The DFL has controlled this state for the better part of 40 years. They have rammed more things down our throats than the GOP ever dreamed of.

supervon2Nov. 8, 12 7:11 AM

Let's be fair. Now that the DFL is in charge and Obama is president everything is in place for recession 2.0. The only thing Dayton and the rest of the crew knows is taxes, taxes and more taxes and Obama has only one way to pay the 5,000,000,000,000 dollars he borrowed. Taxes, taxes and more taxes. You will see 10-15% unemployment in the next two years and business leaving our shores at a record pace. Enjoy.

ranger78Nov. 8, 12 7:22 AM

November 8, 2012, Star Tribune editorial board advises the DFL to not overreach with its total control of state gov't. Here is what the Dem control will bring. Higher taxes on incomes of $200,000 and up. Higher taxes and more regulation on businesses. Higher capital gains taxes. More state spending on social programs. A larger state gov't workforce. More state spending on alternative energies. More state spending on transportation projects that are not road related. Etc. Star Tribune editorial board comments as all of this is going down our throats? Zip, nothing, nada.

bluedevil101Nov. 8, 12 7:23 AM

brotherkenny: I certainly respect your right to decide to vote on whatever basis you decide is most important to you. In my eyes the Republican majority was there to stop the ridiculous spending levels of the past years - including Pawlenty's madness. They gave in on everything. Therefore, they deserved to lose. And did.

iceroadNov. 8, 12 7:35 AM

Bipartisanship sounds lovely until it comes to reelection time. You have alienated part of your base supporters and get zero support from voters in the other party. "Bipartisanship" is the big lie. Klobuchar has never shown any bipartisanship but she talked a great line to fool people into thinking she was.


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