Movement to legalize gay marriage gains steam

  • Article by: Star Tribune
  • Updated: November 8, 2012 - 9:34 AM

Both sides of the debate focus on what's next after the historic defeat.

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cheiron55402Nov. 7, 1212:42 PM

Minnesota was the first state to defeat such an amendment! We're finally moving out of the dark ages!

muggsh2oNov. 7, 12 1:13 PM

Same sex BAN? Nice headline. It wasn't a BAN. And we don't have same sex marriage in MN now. The Strib continues to twist the issues. Rome is falling...

AirForceGuyNov. 7, 12 1:19 PM

The next step is to make gay marriage legal...because who honestly cares about who another person marries? We all know quite well how Republicans feel about gays (they hate them), but that's too bad. They are Americans and have the same rights as everyone else. I really think that's what upsets the GOP base; they don't like the fact that they are EQUAL to everyone else. They love talking about loving America, but support measures like this that would CONSTITUTIONALIZE DISCRIMINATION. I'm glad they got beat...and that they lost both houses of the legislature. They earned it. That's what you get.

DanteNov. 7, 12 1:32 PM

@muggsh2o: A constitutional amendment to define marriage as between a man and woman is by definition a ban on gay marriage.

lakevillanNov. 7, 12 1:35 PM

This woman keeps yammering about procreation, therefore she should be against anyone that can not procreate getting married, i.e. a woman after menopause, a man who is infertile... Where does this "biblical garbage" end? The bible also describes the marriage as being the Woman being totally submissive to her husband and divorce being unacceptable, let's legislate this as well!

mnmaggiemnNov. 7, 12 1:40 PM

IT was not a same sex ban, it was an amendment that may have resulted in. Overall, why do we care who anyone else loves, not my bizz...

rurbanskiNov. 7, 12 1:45 PM

"The statistics, the facts, the science, the reason, that children do better under a marriage between one man and one woman." Nice try but saying it doesn't make it so. The real reasons people are against gay marriage are superstition, religious intolerance and just plain hatred.

luxaeternaNov. 7, 12 1:49 PM

The legislature should immediately drop the legal ban on gay marriage. The people of Minnesota have spoken. It's time to finally put this bigotry behind us.

spring12Nov. 7, 12 2:05 PM

Looks like we have only seen the beginning of this issue......

bigj111Nov. 7, 12 2:29 PM

"The legislature should immediately drop the legal ban on gay marriage. The people of Minnesota have spoken."---Sort of. We spoke, but I'm not sure everyone (including you) understand the entirety of the message. I've posted before, and I say again: I voted NO yesterday. If a measure appears on the ballot to recognize gay marriage, I will vote NO again. And if a measure appears to recognize MY marriage, I will still vote NO. I'll give you some time to digest that a bit.....


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