Goonery suggestion becomes reality

  • Article by: PATRICK REUSSE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: April 16, 2008 - 5:18 PM
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knicholsApr. 15, 0811:05 PM

PR must be just talking with Skoula and Jacque. Look at the +/- stats on Skoula. Sure he's good at eating up minutes but also good at turning over the puck.

arwelch01Apr. 15, 0811:52 PM

Stick to small town human interest stories, Patrick. I generally really appreciate your writing but you know nothing about hockey.

dkong00Apr. 16, 0812:17 AM

Did you watch the game???

fanalancheApr. 16, 08 1:36 AM

Yup, as an Avs fan, even I thought Kiszla was talking out of his orifice, but tonight... this is just an honest article.

ssbf04Apr. 16, 08 1:44 AM

Isn't what the Wild did pretty much what every other team does in the NHL when they get down by a big margin? Its more of a sad commentary about the state of the NHL...and probably why its not taken seriously outside the diehard fans. Needless to say, its not accurate to say this sort of goonery only applies to the Wild. The Avs would have done the same if they fell way would any other NHL team.

bobberamaApr. 16, 08 2:00 AM

There's just something annoyingly dickish about the way this guy carries himself. One arrogant piece of work this guy is. Yes yes yes.

mmmmhhmmmmApr. 16, 08 2:20 AM

Im embarrassed to be a Wild fan after watching this game tonight. I could stomach a 5-1 loss and still be OK. But the way the Wild turned in the 2nd and 3rd periods sickened me. They looked like a bunch of whiney little kids who were throwing temper tantrums on the ice by throwing cheap shots at Av's players. It was disgraceful and I hope to never see this type of junk on the ice again. If you're getting worked over like they were tonight, so be it. It happenes sometimes. But take it, get the game over with and move on. Don't try to instigate fights with players who aren't willing participants (Fedoruk), especially with less than 5 min to go in the game.

broepkeApr. 16, 08 3:41 AM

I am living and working in China and listen to the live games on the Wild website. I am certain that this team will come back and win the series. They are too good not to.

burnsy15Apr. 16, 08 6:23 AM

yes, i'm loyal to my team so what. I hope the Wild come out and score a bunch and win this thing in 6.

srpirsigApr. 16, 08 6:27 AM

This is why the NHL will never become as popular as other sports.(I think it ranks #10 in popularity) Its such an excitingly intense wonderful sport but becomes a silly joke when violence is not only ignored but condoned.


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