Springsteen plays 4 songs, fires up 18,000 at Obama rally in Madison

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  • Updated: November 5, 2012 - 11:14 AM
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Tinye67Nov. 5, 1211:06 AM

It's easy to be a Liberal when you've got millions in the bank and a rock-solid career. Heck, many in that situation probably even feel a little sheepish about having so much and are more than willing to back a guy touting "Let's make the rich pay more!" Also easy to be a Liberal when you need the government to provide for you and your candidate is stating, "Everything is a basic human right.....vote for me....and we'll provide for you." Harder to be a Liberal when you're among those working your tail off to provide for everyone around you but you're still a few missed checks away from disaster, and the government is saying, "You're the problem."

muggsh2oNov. 5, 1211:13 AM

Okay - 18,000 people who get to see a Springsteen show for free. How many are really there to see the president? Bruce is a sell out. Unbelievable.

ChachiNov. 5, 1211:38 AM

Is Pat Boone going to perform for Romney?

mjcmspNov. 5, 1211:59 AM

Republicans are just jealous the only artists that support them are the likes of Kid Rock and Ted Nugent. Meanwhile Democrats have Bruce Springsteen, James Taylor, John Mellencamp, John Legend, John Mayer (lots of Johns..), Bette Midler, Fiona Apple, Jason Mraz. No comparison. Fox News was mad the hurrican tribute on NBC didn't have enough 'conservative artists' - maybe it's just because there are no talented conservative artists... Nobody wants to listen to some crazy jingoistic artist.

tranqwhlNov. 5, 1212:05 PM

I'll take Kid Rock and Ted Nugent over old Bruce and John Legend any day of the week! Rock on Mitt!

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