Souhan: Tell it like it is, Vikings; Ponder stinks for now

  • Article by: JIM SOUHAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: November 5, 2012 - 11:45 AM
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meschkepceNov. 4, 12 9:38 PM

Anybody getting tired of the rebuilding? We're going to get thrashed in the weeks ahead.

pazalunaNov. 4, 12 9:40 PM

Sorry Jim, you got this one wrong. You need to look no further than Karen Rodgers...Rodgers has looked very ordinary without Jennings and nelson. Could any Viking receiver, including harvin, have made that td catch that James jones, the packers 4th receiver, made today? Get ponder a couple more decent receivers and see what happens...

meschkepceNov. 4, 12 9:40 PM

Oh yea, and if we'd have taken a dive in Washington last year, Luck could have been our QB. Think about that!

kenw1952wNov. 4, 12 9:44 PM

Through the first 4 games of the season, Frazier couldn't be stopped from bragging up Ponder's he doesn't have the courage to to say that Ponder has regressed terribly. Five other true rookie QB's are light years ahead of Ponder who has twice as much experience. This is 4 games in a row where Ponder has really stunk it up but Frazier and Co. don't see a problem or a trend.

jplamp9Nov. 4, 12 9:51 PM

'Vikings problem is that they are obligated to spend this season evaluating him.' Dead wrong, last season Ponder was mediocre at best & this year the worst QB in the NFL. If given perfect pass protection he can occasionally complete a swing pass. Put a bit of pressure on him & there's zero chance the ball will be in the same zip code as the receiver. If Frazier sticks with Ponder he's going to lose his job - 3-13 last year was Vike's worst in history. A 5 or 6 win season & Frazier's toast. Ponder is Ryan Leaf, Akili Smith, Klingler, Jamarcus Russelk - time to move on.

earthandskyNov. 4, 12 9:53 PM

Frazier is going to do the same thing Childress did with T-Jack. Keep defending his inept quarterback and insist that he is going to play. It's hard to know if the receivers are the problem, Ponder needs to get the ball close enough to the receivers he's got now to see if they are the problem. It's pretty obvious that the Ponder pick was a fail, now we'll see if management is going to live with that or do something about it. Unfortunately for all of us we know the answer to that one! 63 yards passing... there are probably a dozen quarterbacks in the league that threw for that many yards on one drive today!

farcicalNov. 4, 12 9:54 PM

Ponder needs to stay in the pocket, let the receivers get open, fire, take a hit, get up and repeat. Happy feet create chaos. Sign some O Line, a good DB (or 2) , convert Toby to a FB or even TE, and put Webb on the field...somewhere!

hans2515Nov. 4, 12 9:57 PM

Put Joe Webb in im sure he can muster 50 yards or more. Ponder is out of his league. Looks like a guy Billy Smith from the Twins would pick up.

ActTwoNov. 4, 1210:06 PM

Its time to begin taking a look at the Viking's coaching staff because if they spent the week preparing Ponder to play against the Seahawks, it didn't work. Seattle knew Minnesota's offense better than Ponder did.

iheartpotNov. 4, 1210:07 PM

The Vikes and Frazier in particular are in a tough spot. They put all their eggs into one basket (Ponder) and have little choice but to stick with him. You're a dreamer if you think Webb will lead this team anywhere. If the O-line figures out how to pick up blitzes and Musgrave learns how to find a tempo w/ his horrendous play-calling....we might have a chance at winning a few more games. Ponder is an okay QB, but he needs a solid line and better receivers. If the FO is unwilling to provide him with such, then they need to go out and get a QB that can be successful without so many restrictions.


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