Hartman: Wilson impresses as an NFL QB, too

  • Article by: SID HARTMAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: November 4, 2012 - 11:58 PM

After torching the Gophers last year for Wisconsin, Russell Wilson threw three touchdown passes against the Vikings.

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lindy_frank123Nov. 4, 1210:53 PM

Sid, Ponder doesn't do anything when he's ON THE FIELD. Call it like it is...he's a mistake. Time to drafta 6'5" quarterback in the future...he's not their future.

prplstoogeNov. 4, 1211:05 PM

Sid. it's time to talk about the obvious and that is the vikings are headed once again for the basement of the NFC North. This club has been blown out on both sides of the ball in three of their last four games and their toughest opponenets are only a few weeks away.

comment229Nov. 5, 12 5:42 AM

Sorry Sid; I hope you get more direct in future weeks. Nothing is going to "right this ship" because most viking fans found out that it is not a ship, it is a submarine, and we are heading to the bottom. Look for Webb to start next week and if Frazier wants to use the excuse that Ponder is banged up and would only be used in an emergency, then I will accept that. I honestly think Ponder is done as a viking.

comment229Nov. 5, 12 5:47 AM

Further Sid, you might want to address what the linebackers did yesterday on pass defense and did you notice, every single time where Seattle ran the ball when they needed four or five yards for a first down? I remember when the old vikings were a "right handed team" and yesterday, the Seahawks were a left handed team. Frazier even tried to replace one particular player who was getting blown away but the replacement was worse. I will leave it up to you to figure out who they were. PS... Did you notice the replay where the announcers prefaced the replay with the comment "watch the vikings defensive line." It was almost as embarrassing as the close ups of Webb on the sidelines.

comment229Nov. 5, 12 5:52 AM

Finally Sid... do you still think Greenway is pro bowl material? If Brinkley and Henderson were given their outright releases, do you think they would start for any other team in the NFL? Would any other team even pick them up? And where did Harrison Smith disappear to? We are the only NFL team that has safeties that are not even in the picture when the ball is snapped. Someone said they were going out today to buy a Green Bay Packer jersey. I am not that perturbed yet, but if Ponder comes out on the field next week, I am going to shut off the TV and find something else to do... same is true if Harvin is limping onto the field.

kinnickNov. 5, 12 7:00 AM

Kill's excuse for faking a field goal at that stage of the game is just what you would expect from him. Now Sid wants us to buy into the 'youth excuse' for the Gophers,I had no idea that none of the other Big 10 teams didn't have youth!! Let's call it what it is---another Joe Maturi blunder,pay him off and get a coach with a personality to fire up the base and doesn't set a horrible example from 'running' from the likes of North Carolina! When Fry came to Iowa his personality set the whole state on fire and look what happened!

mythologerNov. 5, 12 7:56 AM

I will be at Memorial Stadium in Champaign Saturday (I have season tickets) wearing marron, gold, orange and blue. I will be pulling for the Gophers because a win would make them bowl eligible. Another win for the Illini wouldn't mean too much. The Illini have at least two defensive players that will go high in the draft, so it won't be easy for the Gophers.

wrongsideNov. 5, 12 8:29 AM

The gophers are "young, Jer? I hadn't heard that before..........

timandtiaNov. 5, 12 9:33 AM

Sid, will you please sit down with the Vikings coaches and find out what is going on? It seems like the coaches have not helped Ponder out at all. As for the Gophers, keep them going in the right direction. Somehow, I just feel like they are going to be something in the future (I just hope not to long). As for the Viking's, I will wait until they get in the Super Bowl again (that is when I will watch another game). P.S. Does anyone know if the Vikings are the only team not to win the Super Bowl? 52 years in existance seems like a long time for a team not to win a championship!!

prplstoogeNov. 5, 12 9:51 AM

I can't wait until I get my viking's season ticket price increase notice for the sixth year in a row!!! This is becoming alot like my property taxes, my home value is down every year but my property taxes continue to rise. How does that work???


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